Expanding your business is always going to be high-pressure with a lot of important decisions to be made. If you’re about to launch in a new city you’ll need to do a lot of research to make sure the area is a good match for your business. Luckily, Brisbane is a great place to consider for business expansion. It’s a relatively small city while still being sophisticated and modern with a thriving business environment.
Virtual Offices
Virtual Offices
However, you’ll still need to find an office space to work from. This can be an expensive and daunting task, especially when taking those first tentative steps with expansion. Virtual offices offer a clever solution to this problem. They provide smart and affordable systems for managing your business’ administrative aspects. When it comes to finding a virtual office in Brisbane, Servcorp offers a range of packages.

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Affordable Rates for Prestigious Locations

Virtual offices are, indeed, virtual in that you don’t physically have an actual office. You’re simply giving the impression of having an office. The location does truly exist and you’re not just paying for virtual space but your business still operates off-site. It affords you access to the best addresses in Brisbane’s CBD like 10 Eagle Street, without the huge price tags or long-term leases. This will gain your client’s respect and trust and show that you really mean business when expanding into a new market, without taking all associated the risks.

You can use the virtual office’s prestigious CBD address on all your business correspondence, marketing materials and business cards. This instantly makes your business look more professional than using your home address or personal number.

Premium virtual office providers offer add-on options with co-working spaces and serviced offices available, should you need to expand and utilise an actual office.

Virtual Reality: What Else Do You Get?

All virtual office providers offer a variety of packages so you can choose the best one for your business’ needs. Access to a virtual receptionist ensures that all calls are answered and forwarded as per your directions so you’ll never miss an important business call. This gives you the flexibility to answer all business calls from any external location without the cost of employing a full-time receptionist. You can also utilise a local telephone number and fax line so you don’t have to give out your personal phone number.

As well as a prestigious address, you can also avail of Servcorps mail forwarding service ensuring that all important business packages and correspondences end up with you. You’ll also gain access to boardrooms and meeting rooms worldwide and you can book meeting facilities as and when you need them. This will be vital when organising business meetings with potential investors when expanding your business into Brisbane.

Flexibility is Paramount

Virtual office spaces offer the utmost in flexibility as you can choose a package that suits you. This is ideal when you’re expanding your business as you have the freedom for some trial and error. If and when you need to downgrade and/or upgrade you can.

You also have the freedom to work from anywhere as you have access to your office digitally. You can log in and check your phone messages, inquire about mail and send instructions to your virtual assistant from anywhere. Freedom and flexibility to work from home, a café or even the beach!

Why A Virtual Office is the Right Choice for your Expansion into Brisbane

When you choose a virtual office there are no hidden charges or fees for cancelling your contract, you get to use a prestigious address in Brisbane’s CBD and access to meeting rooms in those locations. And everything’s packaged into one convenient flexible pay as you go monthly outgoing.

You don’t have to stress about cash flow at a crucial stage in your expansion and you’ll set your business up on the right foot from the start. Leaving you more time to get on with business.