When you think “concrete”, you probably think sidewalks, driveways, and buildings.  And when it comes to concrete in the home, you might even consider a concrete patio or a concrete garage floor.

However, concrete projects have come a long way and have made their way into people’s homes, much to their surprise.  In fact, concrete in the home offers durability, creative visual appeal, and oftentimes a steal of deal when it comes to how much money is invested.

Today we are going to look at why concrete is becoming such a trendy home interior material and provide some great ideas that you may want to consider the next time you are doing renovations in your own home.

Why Use Concrete Inside?

Concrete has long been labeled an outside material source.  However, as people have tried to become more eco-friendly, creative with their DIY projects, and frugal when it comes to home renovations, concrete has emerged as one of the sturdiest and reliable materials to date.

Look at some of the most compelling reasons why you might use concrete inside your home:
  • It is durable, sustainable, and fire-resistant
  • It can be molded to fit many shapes and spaces
  • It can be manipulated with regards to color, stamping, embossing, and polishing
  • It can withhold heat
  • It is unique and creative
Lastly, as you can see by checking out this convenient concrete cost calculator, you can see that oftentimes concrete is the more affordable material option, especially when it comes to large jobs.
Concrete Cost Calculator
Concrete Cost Calculator
Keep in mind however, that if you do decide to get involved with one of the following concrete projects, you employ a professional such as TexCon Ready Mix and avoid making mistakes such as underestimating the amount of concrete required, thinking all concrete is the same, or even rushing the process in order to complete it quickly.

Concrete projects are like an art form and require special care that only experienced DIYers or professional concrete contractors can handle.

Unique Concrete Projects

Check out some of these cool concrete projects that may suit the interior of your home.

1. Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are seamless since they are finished with one solid concrete pour.  You never have to worry about concrete getting into cracks and joints, you can mold the shape to fit any countertop space, and the countertop will be one continuous component that can easily accommodate a sink.

2. Kitchen Sink

Next, why not add a concrete kitchen sink to match the concrete countertops you have just installed?

Concrete sinks are low maintenance, withstand a lot of wear and tear with very little damage, and even reduce the noise garbage disposals make.

3. Flooring

Concrete floors are becoming increasingly popular these days.  They are durable and practical.  They are easy to clean, resist damage from scruffs and scratches, and are often much cheaper than installing durable flooring such as hardwood. 

In addition, you can customize your concrete floors to match your interior décor by adding color, embedded materials, and even stamping to make the texture stand out from a normally slick, smooth surface.

4. Bathtubs

If you are looking for a unique bathtub that can easily retain heat, resist damage (which is something concrete lends to nearly all projects), and be sized to fit any bathroom space, consider a concrete tub. 
Concrete Bathtub
Concrete Bathtub
Though a professional architect may be needed if you are looking to create something extravagant (such as a bathtub made for two), the cost is relatively affordable and the durability gives you plenty of ROI.

In the end, concrete projects within the interior of your home are not as strange as you may think. And with the unique visual appeal, cost savings, and durability concrete lends you, a concrete project may be worth looking into the next time you want to renovate your home.