Asbestos is a very critical item and not to be tampered with. The fibers can easily turn air-borne, making it difficult for asthma patients to breathe. For anything to do with asbestos disposal, it is mandatory that you get the experienced and licensed professionals for help. They know the steps to follow for safe removals as they have worked with so many customers before as well. It is really important that you contact licensed asbestos specialist for help. They know the perfect safety precautions to take for removing a maximum area of bonded asbestos.

Asbestos  Disposal
Asbestos  Disposal

Can You Remove It?

People might have this basic question in mind. Is it safe to go for asbestos disposal on you own without any certified help? It is not at all recommended to work on it alone unless you are trained to handle such critical situations on your own. The specialists have license to work under this field. For gaining this license, they have to undergo through some series of tests and examinations to prove their capabilities. It clearly shows that it takes a lot of knowledge and training to be able to remove asbestos on your own. So, avoid working on it alone and contact experts for some great help.

Some Points to Follow:

There are some legal norms, which you have to follow while working on asbestos disposal these days. All the certified experts should follow the same legal norms and some other effective rules, before starting to work in this project.
  • There are some specified landfills, where you are asked to dispose the asbestos waste. These landfills are selected in different states and countries and an exception of this rule is not appreciable.
  • For asbestos disposal arrangements, it is mandatory to contact the local council first for locating the nearest lawful landfill.
  • The asbestos fiber and materials need to be dampened first and then wrapped in thick plastic of 200um. Later, it should be sealed with tape before transporting to lawfully registered site.

For the Domestic Scenarios:

Asbestos Disposal
Asbestos Disposal

When it comes to domestic asbestos disposal services, there are some necessary points, which the owner of the house and other members has to follow. These steps are for protecting health of not just yours, but of your neighbors, as well.
  • It is crucial to wear disposable paper overalls and gloves before touching the asbestos.
  • Domestic asbestos structures are to be dismantled under calm weather,
  • It is mandatory for dampening the asbestos structure for reducing possibility of airborne diseases.
  • Unbolt the complete asbestos sheets and avoid breaking the asbestos into pieces for asbestos disposal.
  • Use a damp rag for mopping up any dust. Avoid using vacuum cleaner or do not sweep as that might spread the dust even further.
  • Dustsheets, clothing, masks and other disposable items are to be wrapped with the asbestos materials in thick 200 um plastic bags and sealed properly.

Some DIY Processes to Follow:

Even though it is always recommended to contact an expert to work on your asbestos disposal, there are some DIY steps, which you might want to follow for a temporary relief, before calling experts for actual help.
  • Remember to cover yourself up first by wearing PPE.
  • Next, you should avoid drinking, smoking or eating near the asbestos regions.
  • Avoid using power tool for the services, and do not scrub or water blast the region.
  • Wet the area with water gently and avoid cutting or drilling asbestos items.
  • Stack up the materials and wrap in thick plastics.
Now, you have to wait for the experts to come and collect asbestos disposal from you. They will further inspect the place for any remaining and clean it up, if any.