There are different kinds of building inspections and each one of them has a special purpose. The most popular one is the pre-property purchase inspection. As the name suggests, building inspection involves an assessment of the property that is done before buying it. The report of building inspection can then be used by the buyer of the property to ensure that everything is safe and sound.
building inspection
Building Inspection
Building inspection helps the buyer to know everything about the property in details before they actually buy it. This helps them to avoid a lot of problems and protects them from unnecessary expenses too.

What Is Included in A Building Inspection?

Building inspection refers to the assessment or inspection of a property. The inspection is performed by qualified professionals, who are suitable for the job.
A building inspection normally checks for the following:
  • Ceilings
  • Footings
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical wiring
  • Rain gutters
  • Roofing space
  • Sub floor
  • Doors
  • Window areas

Why Is Building Inspection Important?

Building inspection is important before buying a property. The building inspection report given after the inspection helps the buyer in the following ways:
  • The buyer gets to know about the problems in the property before buying it.
  • It helps the buyer to negotiate a lower price for the property. For instance, if there are parts of the building that need repair, the buyer will have to pay for them, so he can negotiate accordingly.
  • It helps the buyer to get an expert advice about the property. And due to this, he also gets to know if there are any issues in the property and how they can affect him over in the long run.
A building inspection report is, thus, an important factor that must be considered by a buyer at the time of buying a property.

Who Is the Right Person for Building Inspection?

Building inspection must be done by a qualified person, who is suitable for the job. These people should be thorough professionals and they must know what exactly what to look for in a building inspection and what all should be mentioned in the report. Individuals qualified for the job may be an architect, a licensed builder or a surveyor. Such professionals are also in a better position to identify the faults that can be covered with a cosmetic improvement. A professional building inspector can also check if the inspection report meets the required standards of the region or not.
The building inspector must also have the right insurance cover, particularly, for professional indemnity.
building inspectiona
building inspection

How to Choose A Right Building Inspector?

When you are on a lookout for a right building inspector to inspect the building, remember two things:
  1. Do a detailed research on the qualification and experience of the building inspector. The more qualified the inspector, the better it is. The qualified and experienced individuals are much more likely to discover any problems in the property that may not be too obvious in the property, otherwise.
  2. When you think an inspector is suitable for the job, ask for a sample of one of their building reports to get an idea of the content of the report and check if it meets the standards laid down for the region.
There are certain cities and counties that have made building inspection mandatory. Also, one must ensure that such inspection is performed by the engineers and not by the building contractors.
Building inspection does not just guarantee safety and security but it also helps you to get the right value of a property. A building inspection report actually serves as a character certificate of a building.