As the weather warms up it can feel fantastic to jump into your swimming pool and enjoy the clean cooling water.

However, there is little that will ruin the experience quicker than finding your sharing your pool with leaves and bugs.
Jump into Swimming Pool
Jump into Swimming Pool 
Fortunately there are ways of keeping these bugs out of your pool:

Look After Your Pool

The pool is attractive to bugs because it offers food and water. Obviously the water needs to be there but this doesn’t mean that you can’t eliminate the food sources.

The first step is to have a regular pool service. This will help to ensure the bugs are skimmed from the water; you can even do this part yourself on a daily basis.

But the professionals can also monitor the water for you; helping to ensure it is as uninviting as possible to bugs while being safe for you to swim in. Keeping your chlorine levels right will help to make your pool unattractive to bugs.
Pool Service
Pool Service

Get A Cover

Your pool is probably outside which makes it attractive to bugs. But you can add a pool cover to use when you’re not using your pool. This will prevent bugs from landing on the water although it may not be as effective against bugs that can crawl on the ground and get under a loose fitting cover.

Keep It Clean

Some people consider the water boatman to be beneficial to their pool. It is known to feed on any algae in the water. This could help to keep the pool clean.
Unfortunately, while the boatman is pretty harmless it is a great source of food for the backswimmer. The backswimmer won’t just eat the boatman; he’ll also take a bite out of you as he passes!

The bite of a backswimmer is similar to the sting of a bee; not desirable!

To prevent either of these bugs coming you need to destroy the source of this food chain; the algae. You can do this by cleaning your pool on a regular basis; including scrubbing the walls and floors.
Keep It Clean
Keep It Clean
It will make the pool feel nicer when you get in!

Shock It

Another option is to shock your water. This means adding a chemical such as calcium hypochlorite in a high dose. It is best to do this as the sun sets to help prevent it from being dissolved by the sun before it can work.

The chemical will kill algae and many bugs.

In conjunction with this it is a good idea to turn your circulation pump on for at least 3 hours every day. This will ensure the water is moving and fresh, preventing many bugs including mosquitoes from seeing your pool as a breeding ground.

Get Professional Help

If you’re still struggling after doing all these things or you don’t have the time to look after your own pool then you can contact a pest control service. They will be able to assess which pests are going to be the biggest risk and choose the right treatment to deal with them.