Are you building or renovating your home? An often overlooked aspect when building or renovating is the humble garage. Your garage will become a place to store everything from memories to fitness equipment, the family’s bikes to beer fridge. If you’re drawing up plans for your dream home, pay special attention to this room. Is it big enough? Is it easily accessible from both outside and in? Will it be able to hold the kids sports trophies and boxes of old paintings?

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Garage Door

The garage door

It’s possible that you haven’t put much thought into your garage door, but it’s absolutely essential to choose the right door when it comes to both functionality and style. The garage door is likely to be visible from the street, so you want it to compliment the appearance of your home. There are many styles of garage door with different looks and functionality. Choose yours carefully, keeping in mind what your house will look like from the outside, and you will have the best garage door in Melbourne!

Roller doors

The simple roller door is available in many colours to match your home, and allows for easy use and basic functionality. If you are looking for an understated door that blends seamlessly with your home’s exterior, the roller garage door could be for you!

Sectional doors

Sectional garage doors are made of multiple panels which will fold into the ceiling when opened. Sectional doors will allow for some windows, so could be a great choice for someone wanting to use their garage as a workspace or gym and will require some natural light. Sectional doors can be made in a variety of different colours. Sectional garage doors are available in timber or aluminium.

Tilt doors

The tilt door is highly customisable, due to its inflexible nature. Tilt doors can be made to blend into the exterior of the home, or as a statement piece. A popular style for tilt doors are panelled timber. Tilt garage doors are often motorised, so are very easy to operate and can be opened from inside your car.

Australian Standard for Garage Doors

After it was found that garage doors were a point of weakness following Cyclone Yasi in 2013, the Australian standard for garage doors was amended. The standards now require the garage door requirements to align with the standards for wind loads for housing. When employing someone to build and install your garage door, ensure they are a company who adhere to the Standards. This will ensure your home and garage is as safe as it possibly can be, even in the unfortunate event of a natural disaster.

Garage storage

Many people will keep their important documents and memorabilia in their garage, which is why it’s vital to store them safely. Ditch the stacked cardboard boxes for a more sophisticated storage solution. Garages can often flood, so it is important to keep anything that can be damaged by water off the floor and up on shelves – this means cardboard boxes! You can buy shelves of any shape and size to suit your needs, or you can have them built in. Using stackable plastic boxes can be a great way to store papers that don’t need to be accessed often, and they can be put on shelves or simply stacked away in a corner. Bike racks can be installed on to the walls or ceiling to allow for more floor space, and tools can by hung on the wall. By hanging your items or filling shelves you can fit a great deal more into your garage.

Garage flooring

You may think that concrete is the only option for garage flooring, but think again! If you are using your garage as an extension of your living space, you might want to think about what’s going to go on the ground. If you are using your garage exclusively for car storage, the best will of course be concrete, but you can section off your garage to make the most of the space. If you are thinking of converting your garage into a gym, you can cover the floor with rubber mats where you are planning to do your workouts. Not only will this keep your equipment in better shape and act as a sound muffler, it will also help keep your garage a little warmer. If you are planning to work in your garage, perhaps to run an online business or have a quiet place to do your paperwork, it could be worth installing carpet into a section of your garage. If you’re not sure, you can always trial a large mat or rug before committing to something more permanent.
Don’t underestimate the humble garage, and be sure to make it the perfect space for tailored to you!