If someone love’s gardening then lawn mower is the tool for making the garden beautiful. Lawn mowers are used only to trim and shape the grass which has gone wild because it was unchecked. The grass is an essential part of the all-over beauty of the garden and because of its color; it makes the picture looks greener. The mowers don’t completely remove the grass from the surface but they cut them into a specific height adjusted by the user. 
Lawn Mowers
Lawn Mowers 
Mechanism Of The Lawn Mowers

The mechanism of the mowers can be broadly divided into two sections i.e. machine operated and manual. There are also two main types of blades used the mowers both in the automated and manual mowers. A single blade rotating about the vertical axis is known as rotary mowers. Assembly having multiple blades and a cutting bar fixed on the horizontal axis are called reel mowers. Under this broad section of automatic and manual mowers, it can be further divided into smaller groups taking into consideration the place and purpose of use.

Types Of Lawn Mowers

There are various types of mowers used suiting the purpose and place. The most basic type of mowers is push mowers which don’t require any kind of power source. These are mainly used in small residential lawns as they require manpower to work. For larger lawns, electrically powered mowers are used and riding mowers are also used for the same purpose and they resemble small tractors. Riding lawn mower can be further modified for cutting larger expenses like the golf course and big parks and fields.

Reel Mowers

These mowers have a horizontal rotating axis and cut the grass very precisely. The height can also be adjusted and the trimming can be done at the desired height of the grass. There is a fast-spinning reel with the blade which makes the blade move fast and helps in cutting. These lawn mowers give a beautiful shape to the grass and it also keeps them healthy. It prevents them from turning yellow or colorless and nourishes them also. Many variants come in these mowers; push mower is the most environments friendly as it doesn’t produce any kind of pollution. They are light and easy to use and give out the best result like the costly ones.
Lawn Mowers
Lawn Mowers 
Reel lawn mower is comprised of many parts, body frame which gives the structure to it. Bed knife is the cutting blade and blade reel which makes the blade rotate helping it to cut the grass precisely. Push handle enables the user give power to it and wheels help it to move evenly on the ground. The mower can be mechanized by using a gas or electric motor or can be pushed manually.

Rotary Mowers

These lawn mowers have a complete opposite movement in respect to the reel mowers. The movement of these mowers is on the vertical axis and gives very rough results. Rotary mowers cut the grass with precision but depend upon the speed of the cutting blade. They shred the grass to pieces which damages the grass and results in discoloration of it. If the terrain is uneven then these rotary lawn mowers are the best choice.

The main parts of the mowers are cutter deck housing which houses the blade and other mechanical parts. Blade mounting is directly attached to the engine’s crankshaft and mowers blades which rotate horizontally but on a vertical axis. There are mostly four wheels in the machine and the engine runs on gas or electricity.


The type of grass the users wants totally depend upon the choice of machine used. For smooth and accurate results, reel lawn mower is the best choice as the manual push mower doesn’t give out any kind of pollution. The rotary mowers will also do the job but the results will be rough and uneven and it will also damage the grass.