Even though we do not go to the bathrooms often, it is true that no one likes to enter a messy bathroom. However this is also a crucial fact, spending hours together on a Sunday morning to clean the bathroom and the entire household as well is also not how someone would love for long-awaited weekend. Messy bathrooms do also reflect a bad impression of your personality whenever you have guests coming over to your household for a party.
Clean Bathroom in 10 Minutes
Clean Bathroom in 10 Minutes

Tips for a Clean Bathroom within 10 minutes

Here are tips you can use as the homemaker to tidy up the bathroom in less than ten minutes to maintain a good hygiene environment at home. These tips will help you finish your tasks on time so you can spend a pleasant weekend.
  1. Make a mixture of vinegar and water and sprinkle it around the toilet, sinks, and the shower area. Keep it on for a while after the sprinkling and then wash it off with water again to see your bathroom sparkle once again.
  2. Use the toilet brush to scrub off bowl. Spread the toilet cleaning liquid around the bowl before cleanse it off to give a long lasting freshness. Apart from the toilet seat also spray the cleaning solution over the shower area and then clean it using the cloth.
  3. Spray the glass cleaner on the bathroom mirror at every corner of the mirror in a circular motion. Then wipe the mirror dry. Keep the mirror clean so that the toilet appears glossy plus you can see your teeth while brushing.
  4. The toilet paper holder needs a thorough clean out as you place your tissues on that roller. A dirty handle can be a guest house for germs that can transport across the tissues placed on the holder which means drying off the hands with a contaminated toilet paper that will make you sick. This will be because the germs from the toilet paper will pass on to the body through the skin.
  5. You can use a small toothbrush to clean the sink by removing all the dirt spots from the sink Also I can use a sponge clear off any sticky substance from the same.  Start from one end and then move across the sink. Finish the cleaning by wiping off the sink with a dry cloth after cleaning it with the liquid. Tiddox has a range of cleaning clothes, microfibre wipes that can be used to wipe off the surfaces dry after washing the bathroom with the cleaning liquid.
  6. To give the bathroom a fresh look remove any solid substances like hair or any other debris. After this, sweep the floor using a mop or a cloth by dipping either of them in a cleaning solution. Start at the corner of the room and finish it at the doorway. After you have done the cleaning with the wet mop or cloth, drench off all the water in it and the swipe the wet floor to make it dry.

Final Words

So the ten minutes you have spared for this activity is paid off. Now the bathroom is ready for your own personal use or if you plan on to thrown on a party later that night with your peers coming along.