Smart devices are continuing their way into our lives, and now they are permeating our homes. No, we aren’t living in the world of the Jetsons (yet), but that doesn’t mean the Rosies aren’t as helpful. Instead of robots rolling around behind us fulfilling our every whim, we have sleek built-in devices to make our lives better. Here are four ways the technology of smart homes will change the way we live.
Hi-Tech Houses
Hi-Tech Houses


Since the first cavemen and their protective, survival instincts, we have continually sought out better ways of keeping our homes and families safe. However, we can now finally ditch the oversized Billy club. You guessed it, now there’s an app for that. Everything from cameras to smart Bluetooth door locks can be accessed via your phone, leaving you with peace of mind wherever you go.
24/7 live streaming video, sound and motion alerts, as well as two-way audio can all be simply installed so you never miss a thing. We can leave the booby trapping for those who have a passion for that kind of stuff. If you’re anything like me, a press of a button is enough.

Waste Reduction

Smart appliances just keep getting smarter. Not only do energy efficient appliances use less energy, but those such as smart refrigerators are helping us reduce waste. They are able to alert us of food nearing its expiration date and can even update our grocery lists by detecting their own contents.
If the kitchen is the heart of the home, your smart fridge will be what keeps it pumping. These fridges come with a screen in the door that connects to your wifi and can keep track of important dates, family notes, and even read you the instructions for that recipe you’re trying out.


We touched a little bit on this already with the energy saving appliances, but smart lock homes go beyond just the washer and dryer. Smart thermostats respond to your voice, although you may have to be more specific than “is it cold in here to you or is it just me?” They pick up on your patterns and adjust the temperature to energy saving modes for the times you are not home. To find out more on their features and how they can save you energy and therefore money,read here.


Few people spend their time reminiscing about the “good ol’ days” of programming the VCR to record their favorite shows; and for good reason. We now have the ability to watch our favorites anytime and anywhere. With the power of connectivity, you can even ask your Amazon Alexa to control your TV, giving you voice-activated viewing while eliminating endless scrolling sessions and remote control clutter. Even if you don’t have that particular combination of devices in your home, there are plenty of alternatives to improve your entertainment and maximise the indulgence of the time you spend unwinding after a long day.
The future has arrived and the technology it brings with it will only continue to improve. In our smart homes, we will be able to enjoy lives that keep us feeling secure and entertained while saving us money. These personalizations continue to make our houses feel even more like homes, and I have to say, our technology is turning out to be so much better than the Rosie-esque robots of our youthful, Jetsons-inspired imaginations.