The large concentration of people in the city makes them big contributors to the general levels of pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, which can lead to frequent elimination of significant native species and major habitat loss. It is therefore evident that Junk Hunters have expanded to Birmingham to tackle these issues. Another major effect of urban growth is that those native species are mostly replaced with non-native species – this can threaten the biological uniqueness of the environment. Individually, we need to play our part in conserving energy and being eco-friendly. That can be done in our homes in different ways. We can begin with our energy providers.
Birmingham A Greener City
Birmingham A Greener City
The health benefits associated with having a green environment should serve as an inspiration to get creative solutions, even with the shortage of space for traditional approaches such as street trees. Birmingham is a city with a large grey centre, with some imposing buildings and streets. It also has a few green peripheries with some leafy suburbs like the garden village of Bournville and Egdbaston. It has a ring of underused land between the suburbs and the centre, including derelict sites and vacant plots, but by several radial roads. The idea will be to transform the existing grey infrastructure in an environmentally beneficial green layout that would make Birmingham a greener city.

7 Ways to make Birmingham a Greener City

1.Create a community garden:

Having a community garden not only provides the community with a place to meet up and become more educated about where they get their food, but it also provides food for insects – such as bees and spiders, both of which are important to an ecosystem, yet rarely do we think about them, or give them the opportunity to thrive in an eco-friendly environment.

Community Garden
Community Garden

2.Green your home:

Not only is a building made out of just concrete or bricks unattractive, it also does nothing for the environment. But if you have a green building, it can attract wildlife like birds, and serves its purpose in providing oxygen. The process of greening the house means covering the wall or roof with vegetation. This can also provide psychological benefits to the residents by creating a sense of peacefulness and calm.

Green Home
Green Home


Provide wildlife with connections between different habitats to enable them move freely from one place to another. It is extremely important to provide such options to enable them find water sources and mates. It allows them maintain their populations, and live within the urban community unimpeded.

4.Plant appropriately:

To increase biodiversity in a city like Birmingham, plant native species of plants, this can also support the natural wildlife of the habitat. Bugs and birds are already adapted to consume and use native species of flora, so it will be better to incorporate them into the landscape. The more native species incorporated, the better it is. However, plant different varieties to attract different creatures.


5.Avoid using fertilizers:

To make Birmingham a greener city, it is important to avoid making use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers because they have a scorched earth’ policy when it comes to destroying bugs – they kill them all, whether good or bad. This matters because bees are sensitive to both chemical and organic pesticides – yet, bees are important in the ecosystem.

6.Use and efficient transport service:

Commuters in places such as Beijing, Switzerland and Dubai have new metro systems that transport them to work. People in Los Angeles, Istanbul and Mexico City ride buses that have their separate lanes. A solution for public transportation that enables people use mass transit and easily get around without having to make use of their personal vehicles is an important element in having a greener city.

Transport Service
Transport Service

7.Comprehensive waste disposal programs:

Although recycling is a classic environmental act of an individual, it is not much good without another person providing recycling bins for rubbish removal in Birmingham so that residents can conveniently dispose of rubbish. Additionally, there should be rubbish clearance and reliable collection services available. An added initiative to have a greener Birmingham will be to gather bottles and cans, and adding food waste and electronics to the list of things recycled and composted. Also, large-scale programs should be instituted to recycle water for personal use.

It is the dream of everyone to live in a green city – but does that mean play areas and parks? Traffic bans and bike lanes? Or the efficient use of water and energy resources? A true green city does not only mean an environmentally sustainable city, but one that is also visibly green.