Architectural cladding can be found on both residential and commercial buildings Basically, it is a part of architecture that is laid over another structure to improve its looks, insulation properties and weather resistance power. People can choose from a number of colors, designs and textures, which can be easily implemented on their house. There are various types of materials used to make the cladding, and the cost depends on the size and type of material that people choose. Designs and finishes are also of different types. There are many advantages of cladding, which are as follows.

Advantages of Architectural Cladding:

Architectural Cladding
Architectural Cladding

Maintenance cost is very low and least maintenance is needed

One of the most important benefits of installing architectural cladding is its easy maintenance. Everybody wants to make his house look beautiful from outside without much maintenance needs. Once installed, it does not require any repainting or re-polishing for years. It keeps looking like new for a long time, due to which you can stay worry-free for years to come.

It is weather resistant

Another thing that people want is to protect the house from various elements like weather, rain, and other environmental problems. Metal cladding is resistant to rain, snow, heat, frost, and other types of weather-related threats. As a result, people need not worry about cladding if there is a normal or sudden change in the weather.

Cladding does not absorb moisture

There are many materials that have the capability of absorbing moisture. These materials include wood, brick, etc. This is not the case with the metals, as they do not absorb moisture and are resistant to it. People need not worry about the growth of fungus, molds, mildew, and other creatures. All these things are harmful for the health of the residents and the look of the structure. Metals are resistant to these creatures, due to which the life of cladding is very long.

Metal cladding is not attacked by insects 

Architectural Cladding
Architectural Cladding
Another advantage of architectural cladding is that it is not attacked by insects. Insects need a ground and an environment for breeding and metals are not prone to such attacks. If such a metal is chosen that can be attacked by insect, then repellants can be applied to them regularly to protect them from insects.

Metals provide flexibility in design

Previously, cladding could be found only on commercial buildings, and house owners thought that it is not a good choice for them, as the house will not look good from outside. But this is not the case now, because now many designs are available for residential buildings also, and people can go for any type of design that will suit their house. This has happened because of new developments in the making and designing of architectural cladding.
Aluminum and steel can be set in different patterns and textures. Their look can be made to look same as that of wood also. People can also look for other choices if they do not like the wooden appearance. Metal cladding is available in various colors, designs and textures, and people can choose any of them for their house.
Architectural Cladding
Architectural Cladding

Metal cladding is resistant to fire

Metal is resistant to fire, so people need not worry about spreading of fire. This will bring peace of mind for the people living in fire-prone areas. It also saves the residents from thunderstorm, and people should not worry if lighting hits the cladding.

Wrapping up

So, these are some of the advantages of installing architectural cladding for your residential or commercial building. Consider installing it on your building and rest assured that your structure would keep looking new for years, and it would remain safe from insects, weather damages, fire and other factors.