Well-known Turkish architect Mimar Sinan once said ‘’If you bow at all bow low by adding your soul, rivers flow deep inside of you’’.

This is what Algedra stands for, creating design that has a spirit, environment-friendly, varied through details, and pays tribute to mother nature both on site and throughout the project planning and implementation phase.

Neutral and chic entrance design with plants and greenery touches revive the spirit of nature while taking care of environmental aspects.

The interior design company always stands out for sustainable design and promotes the great impact of mental health in interior design that carries vital importance for us all. This entrance design is an example of bringing continuous value in new normal and give rise to clear vision for the after pandemic lifestyle.

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‘’World has gone through extremely challenging times. At first the pandemic has shown us how to live in our own cage that is called home, and  we have been seeking a way to get out of our comfort zone. Need to be in nature now more than ever. Human race never wanted that much to synchronize with earth. Lockdown has taught us the possibility of living in a harmony with every living beings, and respecting plants, animals and greenery on the world.’’ says Mohab Ayoub, CEO of Algedra Group.

‘’World has limited resources and spending them is like unlimited has severe consequences. As it is not to be forgotten, pandemic wasn’t the first danger that threatened human life, global warming is on top level amongst the years that have passed. As company we do our part by carefully choosing our materials and even if there is an obstacle that might be a tree as it can be seen in 3D drawings, we shape our project accordingly and never think as first option to destroy it.’’ says Tareq Skaik, Head of Design at Algedra.

Design at Algedra

Practicing a project by underlining luxe space, and maintaining sustainability, is the most coveted factor that gives a stylish escape. Algedra teamed up with the best in-house designers and engineers to enhance this iconic entrance that anyone can rest in silence.

Making homeowners stay comfortable yet peaceful when experiencing such an ambiance, Algedra always opt for useful materials, and elegant details that blend in harmony, while giving peace of mind which is the core component that guides the project.

This carefully curated entrance interior design project guarantees day-to-night fun. Quality of furnishings evoking a meditation feel and marble that remind us of a chess game, is the effective way to set a solid mindset.

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Expansive windows allow natural light in, and the sky view supports flowing of nature in.

Admiringly, we can tell that the project details and each blind spot amazingly dazzle us. Algedra knows how to design mundane spaces into powerful houses.

Also we want to thank the interior design company due to its environment-friendly approaches. Algedra is a rare gem while other companies don’t consider such details.

If you want to see more about interior design works, visit the company’s website. https://algedra.ae/