For some extraordinary makeovers, your entire space needs to have an element of fascination. Starting with the floors, all the way to the roof, the implication, and service opted for should reflect your sense of perfection. On that note, a simple yet sophisticated ceiling design can turn your space magical. If you are ready for such a change, then probably, you should hear about the Barrisol ceiling. It is a stretched ceiling which is made up of non-flammable sheet in PVC.  These are highly creative ceilings that can be transformed into different designs and patterns to give your place a new look. There are endless possibilities available when interior designers think of replicating an idea about stretch ceilings. With lights and other instruments included in the picture, your ceiling will go through a beautiful renovation, pleasing to your eyes!

The Elements Of The Barrisol Ceiling: 

Barrisol Ceiling
Barrisol Ceiling
It comprises of several components together, making it an intricate aspect for interior designers. The entire ceiling system adopted, comprises of two key components, which are:
  • A Barrisol sheet, which is light weighted in nature.
  • An ITS or Innovative Track system
With these components merged into the service, the flexibility of the sheets will bring in the required shape that the ceiling requires. Also, the sheet traps the heat and stretches together. This sheet is kept in its own place with the perimeter rail system. The elasticity and material of this sheet differ with manufacturing units. Therefore, you have to make sure that the sheet you are buying can be reinstalled and replaced with a new one!

How Are Barrisol Ceilings Installed? Some Conditions Or Precautions To Take Note Of:

Barrisol Ceilings
Barrisol Ceilings
If you already have a Barrisol ceiling installed and you need to install a new one, take note of the following steps of removing the previous design:
  • The ceiling must initially be heated with the help of a hot air generator. This will allow all the components of the ceiling to come together.
  • Now, the experts take the help of a tool to remove the harpoon.
  • Once the sheet is removed, it needs to be cooled down completely. Avoid any kind of folding of the sheet when it is hot. Even packing is not allowed!
  • When finally cooled down, use some shielding film layers to pack the sheets.
For the installation of the Barrisol ceiling in a completely new place, the construction of the ceiling must be assessed first. If the ceiling is sealed and dried, take note of the following factors before starting with the installation process:
  • Check the tightness of the plenum.
  • Always go for inflammable materials for installation.

In Case You Need To Remove The Barrisol Ceiling, You Need To Follow These Steps: 

Barrisol Ceiling
Barrisol Ceiling
  1. Begin with heating the ceiling with hot air generator
  2. Use harpoon and spatula from Barrisol
  3. Allow the sheet to cool before removing it
  4. Make use of protective film between layers
Final thoughts- One of the reasons that the Barrisol ceiling is popular because it is easy to maintain and clean. Firstly, there is no need for cleaning the Barrisol ceiling, in case you notice some stains on it, then you can clean it with chamois leather. Besides, if it is about installing the Barrisol ceiling, then you need to consult a certified Barrisol installer who knows the right technique for the installation of the same.
All-in-all Barrisol ceilings are very popular amongst individuals for their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and maintenance. However, you must only rely on a certified Barrisol installer for spreading the ceiling to get the right result.