When it comes to animals, trends and fashions are not always pet-friendly and it really comes down to common sense when caring for your animals. Unfortunately, some people do like to follow pet trends, and these aren’t always safe or healthy, and can even be downright dangerous to animals.

If you are worried or not sure about a pet trend, then the best advice is to avoid it and not do it but here are some trends which really could cause harm to your animal, so you really do need to avoid these:

Pet Trends

1. Tattoos and piercings

As bizarre as this sounds, some people do try to have their pets tattooed or pierced and this trend could cause many problems for animals and should definitely be avoided. Our pets are beautiful without needing any kind of embellishment.

Tattoos can cause skin infections and injury if the dog bites and scratches at the area before it properly heals. Piercings can get caught and ripped out creating pain and injury for your animal. Fortunately, these practices are banned in many places.

2. Giving pets vegan diets

Dogs and cats naturally need meat and the trend of trying to make animals vegan can cause health problems, particularly for cats which are pure carnivores. Dogs can potentially survive on a vegetable-diet but only if it is fully monitored by a vet and can prove very costly.

Animals are not meant to follow the same health fads as people so if you want to care for your pet properly, without incredible expense and putting them at risk of potential malnourishment, you need to give them meat.

If you have any concerns or questions about your pet’s diet and nourishment you should always speak to a qualified vet. Too many people read trendy articles about vegan diets for animals and take them as fact without checking properly.

3. Poisonous plants in the home

While we might buy ourselves flowers and plants to brighten up a room and make us smile, its important to be aware that some can be very harmful to pets so its important to understand this before treating ourselves.

There are many house plants and flowers which we enjoy for our own wellbeing, which can actually cause some dangerous reactions in cats and dogs so here is a quick run-down of some trendy plants to avoid for your pets:

  • Aloe Vera– can cause vomiting and diarrhoea if eaten by cats or dogs
  • Snake plants – can cause vomiting and diarrhoea if eaten by cats or dogs
  • Lilies – toxic and fatal to cats

If you suspect that your pet has ingested any kind of plant, and is showing symptoms of illness, make sure you take them straight to the vet, along with samples of the plant and vomit so they can test and treat appropriately.

4. Burning essential oils

While humans might find the burning of essential oils to be soothing and calming, unfortunately the same cannot be said for your pets as many of these oils are actually harmful to cats and dogs.

They can cause major problems to dogs and cats either through inhalation or absorption through their skin, including retching, trouble breathing, skin problems and seizures, so be careful not to leave them lying around.

These are just some popular essential oils which can be troublesome to our pets: thyme, cinnamon, citrus, eucalyptus, clove and peppermint. If your pet does come into contact with any essential oils, take them to the vet immediately.

5. Using CBD oil for relaxation

Many people use CBD, or Cannabidiol, to help them stay calm or to treat some health conditions and it has become very popular in the world of human wellbeing, however, it has never been approved for use by animals.

CBD oil has not been authorised for use in animals in the UK and any medications for pets go through very rigorous scientific testing so never use any kind of human medical product on your pets.

If your animal is showing symptoms of anxiety, there are suitable animal medication treatments or behavioural treatments available so if you are having these kinds of issues then you should seek advice from your vet.

6. Dog Ramps vs Dog Stairs

This is really not a trend but more than a choice. When it comes to choosing it’s important that you focus on what you are trying to solve. Stairs are good when they are properly spaced, something within the range of 9 to 12 inches would be ideal. When it comes to selecting a good dog ramp, having something that is easily-accessible to your furry friends is a must. Something that is easier to walk on and that you can take with you easily in the car.


While it might be tempting to try to keep up with all the pet trends, particularly if they are endorsed by a celebrity, its more important to keep your pet safe, well and healthy and many fads do none of these things.

Always research anything new before introducing it to your pet’s world as things which are good for people are not necessarily good for animals. If you have any doubt about a trend you have heard of, speak to your vet for advice before considering it for your pet. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.