Before aluminium shutters were invemted shutters of solid wood were used however since the 1960s, aluminium shutters have been a common tradition, especially in Brisbane.  Nowadays where colour and design are the main concerns, a delightful appearance is much expected.  These shutters come in different colors. The timber colour of aluminium shutters has emereged as a trending look. Weather well Elite is another colour that is seen as a real timber with actual texture. This colour does not have liquid bakes, rather power coats. Liquid bake does not hold its longevity.

You may prefer walnut colour as it can suit well beside other palettes. For outdoors, honey coloured and lighter timbers create an excellent look. The retro design with light colours makes it a striking finish. All it blends up in a significant look.

You can pick any colour or deisngs you have but mae sure that you think a while before choosing between aluminium shutters.

aluminium shutters

Here you will see a few advantages of using aluminium shutters.


It is durable to use aluminium shutters as the shutters made with other materials like wood are eventually not reliable enough.  Aluminium is the kind of metal that would degrade quickly on exposure to extreme conditions. This makes it durable and advantageous over a long time.


Another important consideration of using Brisbane shutters is protection. Not only protection but also it provides intruders protection better than wooden shutters. It is the main reason behind its usage in commercial buildings or business places.  Aluminium shutters are capable of withstanding cyclones or other brutal forces. It is the trait to be taken as an advantage to protect your friends and family.


Wooden shutters may cost a little less as per your thinking. But in reality, it would cost you more as you have to replace it again and again as it goes down in terms of durability.

For a larger shelf-life, aluminium shutters are more durable. Henceforth, choosing aluminium is the most cost-effective solution.


Aluminium is a very strong material with a lightweight feature. It is of great advantage as you can handle it very easily. It would provide you the great convenience.

You do not need to bother about the loading of the wall. It offers great protection and durability without any load-bearing burden.

No Rusting:

Wooden shutters will not rust but they will be damaged and rotten over time. Aluminium has an oxide layer that provides internal protection from rusting, making it anti-corrosive and way better than other shutters.


Aluminium shutters come in many colours with an excellent finishing touch. The reflective features make it shine well outdoors and a suitable choice.

Aluminium can reflect intense summer rays during summer to keep the homes or shops cooler. Even in winter, you can trap the warmness by keeping it closed.

Bottom Line:

It is available both in modern and traditional look. It has a wide range of benefits for its excellent finish without compromising aesthetics. It is ideal for home exterior and keeping reliability and versatility in both hands. These advantages make it look standard in homes.

The property of protection and energy conservation is quite important. Besides that, it is also useful for noise protection and security purpose. The industrial roller shutters seek more security especially for garages, warehouses, storage facilities, and others. It comes with a glossy finish with all forms to keep homes, shops, etc. well maintained. The large buildings are flexible with high quality of design and roller shutters are a bonus for it. It prevents unauthorized access and prevents unwanted vandalism.