There are wide range of applications that you can use the pavers for. The pavers come in different materials, different designs and different sizes. If you are creating person you can make use of the beautiful pavers in your outdoors and give a beautiful look to the whole setup. However, you need to be sure that you make use of durable and stylish materials that can withstand the harsh weather conditions and also all the wear and tear. Although there are wide ranges of materials available, below mentioned are some of the most prominent ones.
1. Bluestone pavers
The bluestone pavers are considered to be versatile materials and these can be used not only as the flooring material but these can also be used as a wall caps, veneers, treads, building stones, and so on. Due to the beauty, sturdiness, and the style that it adds to the whole setup the bluestone pavers are widely used not only in the indoors but are also used in the outdoors and commercial establishments as well. The bluestone pavers are available in wide range of designs and this is the reason why most people prefer to install these in their property. There are also different finished that people can opt for. There are also different colors that are available in the bluestone pavers and so the people have option to mix and match the pavers as well. There are natural stones and so they are sure to last for a very long time if proper care is taken. 
bluestone pavers
Bluestone Pavers
2. Sandstone pavers
These days many people in residential and commercial setup are experiencing the benefits of the sandstone pavers. Their nature of hard wearing is one of the most important benefits that the people experience. These are mostly used when there is prolonged exposure to water is expected because these are known to remain in excellent condition. It will take many years to replace them as these are durable, and this is the reason why these work out as a durable option. These need very easy methods to clean and these do not cost a fortune for cleaning as well. These are available in different designs, shapes and also colors for people to choose from, and this gives them opportunity to use their creative minds in the best possible manner. 
Sandstone pavers
Sandstone Pavers
3. Pool pavers
After a long working say the pool works out as one of the best place to relax and unwind. So it is important to make sure that the pool looks and functions in the best manner. Here the choice of the pool pavers is an important function to experience great looks, great feel and durability of pavers. There is a wide range of materials that you can get for the pool pavers, and you will get these in different colors, designs and materials that you can make use in the most effective manner. All that you need to do is to plan an interesting theme and get the pool pavers available for your setup. 
Pool Pavers
Pool Pavers
There are a lot of things that you can do for the paving project that you have because there is a wide range of options that you have in the market. However, you need to make sure that you carry out good research in this field so that you can land up with the best options for the property. Internet is a good option to look for different designs and the options that are available. Finally, after getting all the materials it is important to hand over the paving task to only the professional.
So above mentioned are three different types and designs of pavers. Choose the best pavers according to your needs.