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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Villa in Dubai

When investing in real estate properties, especially those in other countries, you’re not just investing in a piece of land but also in the country’s economy. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why more and more people are considering buying properties in Dubai. The emirate and the rest of the country’s economy continues to grow at a good speed.

If you are looking for a property to buy in Dubai, a villa can be a good option. Most MBR City villas for sale, for example, are synonymous with luxury, quality, and comfort. They are built in a neighborhood surrounded with a lush green outdoor atmosphere.
Villa in Dubai
Villa in Dubai
Wherever in Dubai you may consider investing, before signing the property purchase contract, consider these five crucial factors first.

1. The physical condition and soundness of the villa

The villa’s physical condition is the first thing you should consider when buying a villa. Checking the soundness of the property is crucial. Does it require refurbishment?

It would be a better idea to ask a real estate surveyor to inspect the property so you will know if it has issues that need to be addressed, how much the repair will cost, and how long it will take for the renovations to be completed.

If the repair is something you can pay for without harming your finances or if it can be done within a short period of time, then you can proceed to buy the villa — after factoring in the costs of repair or renovation work and getting all the details on paper.

2. The villa locale

The cliche “location, location, location” is a cliche for a reason — simply because most investors base their property purchases on location.

The neighborhood of the villa is a crucial factor to always consider. Make sure to choose one in a pleasing, secure, and livable environment. Check on what community amenities there are or planned for, and existing available facilities nearby such as a grocery store, hospital and schools. You should also think about the future of the place you are investing in. Is it near the Dubai Metro? If not, does the government have plans of expanding in that area?

These are all key considerations whether you are planning on living in the villa you are considering, are thinking of renting it out, or selling it somewhere down the line.

3. Taxes and Fees Payable during the Buying Process

During the buying process, there will be fees and taxes that you should pay. These expenses must be taken into account when you are setting your budget. Remember that most of these are not shown in the listing price.

Once you found the right villa to purchase, you and the seller must agree on the terms of the sale. At this point, you may need to give a deposit, which is around 10% of the purchase price.

The official transfer of property ownership will be done in Dubai Land Department. At this point, the remaining purchase amount must be paid to the seller. Moreover, you must pay a one-off land registry tax amounting to 4% of the purchase price, 50% of which is paid each by the seller and buyer. You should also pay an admin fee that goes to the Dubai Land Department. After that, a new title deed will be provided.

But if you are taking out a mortgage on a portion or the entire purchase price, there are added fees. These include the mortgage fees, which is 0.25% of the loan amount, paid to the Dubai Land Department.

4. The Cost of Getting Insurance Coverage for the Villa

Before buying a villa, you must consider the kind of property insurance coverage you want for your property. Check at least three insurance providers and compare their offerings. Don’t just opt for the cheapest; instead, determine if the cost of their offered coverage is reasonable.

5. Villa Management/Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs are a significant and recurrent expense each year. From plumbing, cleaning, utilities, AC servicing, and more, you have to make sure that you have enough money for property maintenance services.

You can either maintain your villa on your own or perhaps contact a villa management firm. If you do have a budget, the latter is a better option. They can inspect your property and determine which areas in your villa need repair or replacement. They can also contact repair experts to deal with such issues. This way, you are sure that your villa is always in excellent condition. 

Investing in real estate is indeed a good way to diversify your portfolio. A villa is a good option because most Dubai villas for sale come with the luxury of a tranquil and calm gated or planned community that is fully equipped with modern amenities.

Being self-contained, these communities provide different facilities like shopping complexes, parks, retail outlets, hospitals, schools, children’s play area, and restaurants. Some villas also come with their own garage, private sauna and spa, pool, library, and maid’s accommodation. But for your investment to be successful, you must carefully consider the fundamentals factors mentioned above.

Expand your Business in Brisbane with Servcorp Virtual Offices

Expanding your business is always going to be high-pressure with a lot of important decisions to be made. If you’re about to launch in a new city you’ll need to do a lot of research to make sure the area is a good match for your business. Luckily, Brisbane is a great place to consider for business expansion. It’s a relatively small city while still being sophisticated and modern with a thriving business environment.
Virtual Offices
Virtual Offices
However, you’ll still need to find an office space to work from. This can be an expensive and daunting task, especially when taking those first tentative steps with expansion. Virtual offices offer a clever solution to this problem. They provide smart and affordable systems for managing your business' administrative aspects. When it comes to finding a virtual office in Brisbane, Servcorp offers a range of packages.

Read more to learn how you can expand your business using a Servcorp virtual office.

Affordable Rates for Prestigious Locations

Virtual offices are, indeed, virtual in that you don’t physically have an actual office. You’re simply giving the impression of having an office. The location does truly exist and you’re not just paying for virtual space but your business still operates off-site. It affords you access to the best addresses in Brisbane’s CBD like 10 Eagle Street, without the huge price tags or long-term leases. This will gain your client's respect and trust and show that you really mean business when expanding into a new market, without taking all associated the risks.

You can use the virtual office’s prestigious CBD address on all your business correspondence, marketing materials and business cards. This instantly makes your business look more professional than using your home address or personal number.

Premium virtual office providers offer add-on options with co-working spaces and serviced offices available, should you need to expand and utilise an actual office.

Virtual Reality: What Else Do You Get?

All virtual office providers offer a variety of packages so you can choose the best one for your business’ needs. Access to a virtual receptionist ensures that all calls are answered and forwarded as per your directions so you’ll never miss an important business call. This gives you the flexibility to answer all business calls from any external location without the cost of employing a full-time receptionist. You can also utilise a local telephone number and fax line so you don’t have to give out your personal phone number.

As well as a prestigious address, you can also avail of Servcorps mail forwarding service ensuring that all important business packages and correspondences end up with you. You’ll also gain access to boardrooms and meeting rooms worldwide and you can book meeting facilities as and when you need them. This will be vital when organising business meetings with potential investors when expanding your business into Brisbane.

Flexibility is Paramount

Virtual office spaces offer the utmost in flexibility as you can choose a package that suits you. This is ideal when you’re expanding your business as you have the freedom for some trial and error. If and when you need to downgrade and/or upgrade you can.

You also have the freedom to work from anywhere as you have access to your office digitally. You can log in and check your phone messages, inquire about mail and send instructions to your virtual assistant from anywhere. Freedom and flexibility to work from home, a café or even the beach!

Why A Virtual Office is the Right Choice for your Expansion into Brisbane

When you choose a virtual office there are no hidden charges or fees for cancelling your contract, you get to use a prestigious address in Brisbane’s CBD and access to meeting rooms in those locations. And everything’s packaged into one convenient flexible pay as you go monthly outgoing.

You don’t have to stress about cash flow at a crucial stage in your expansion and you’ll set your business up on the right foot from the start. Leaving you more time to get on with business.

5 Tips to Picking Your First Home

Shopping for your first home can be an emotional roller coaster – the highs of visiting potential houses and new neighborhoods and picturing yourself living there; and the lows of finding the perfect place only to realize that it just isn’t in your budget. We’ve put together our top five tips to keep in mind on your home buying adventure that will help you make a wiser choice!
Buying Home
Buying Home

1. Make sure it’s really in your budget

Before you even start looking at homes, it’s important that you get a clear idea of your budget. This means checking with your bank what you qualify for in terms of a home loan or mortgage, and getting preapproved if this is the custom in your country. How much they’re willing to lend you hangs off of multiple factors, like how long you’ve been at your current job, what down payment you can make, etc.

Sometimes it’s only through this process that you find out there are issues lurking in your credit history that need to be dealt with before you can move forward. If you already have existing debts, then going through a debt consolidation process is an excellent idea before you take on any additional responsibilities.
Remember that it’s not just as easy as adding you and your partner’s rent together to come up with a figure! Your own home is certainly an asset, but it comes with expenses that you just didn’t have when you were renting. Repairs and maintenance are now going to be your responsibility, as well as all relevant rates and taxes, levies and the like. You need a decent safety margin of disposable income over and above your monthly mortgage.

2. Find a good real estate agent

There’s no substitute for an agent that has years of experience in an area. They’ll be able to advise you on better options and give you honest feedback when you need it. Chances are they’ve dealt with plenty of people in a similar financial situation and with similar needs to yours, and they’ve had time and experience to learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others too! 

3. Don’t be in a rush to buy 

Sometimes the best decision is not buying – at least yet. If you just can’t afford a home that suits your needs, then it’s a good idea to take more time to save for a bigger down payment or consider other locations. Setting yourself up to struggle financially for the next decade sometimes just isn’t worth it.
Use your experience with the property market to your advantage in the meantime, and start living as if you had a monthly mortgage to pay. It will give you a better idea of what you can really afford – and get you in the habit of saving money too!

4. Be aware of your long term goals 

Buying a home is a long term commitment – so you need to consider what you're going to need 10 or 15 years from now too. Are you planning on starting a family or having more children? If so, are there enough rooms and good schools in the area? Might you need room for your parents one day? If you’re single, are you looking for an investment property or just somewhere close to work?

Of course it’s impossible to predict what the future holds for sure, but the more in-line with your plans a home is, the better prepared you should be.

5. The occupation-ready home versus the fixer-upper

While the fixer-upper home is a big temptation for a young couple, you need to be honest about the amount of time and money you can put into it, especially if you and your partner are both holding down demanding jobs. Upgrades and refurbishments come with hefty price tags, and repairs almost always end up taking more time and money than you expect. This can put an enormous strain on a relationship and make your home more of a burden than a comfort. It might really be worth considering a slightly more expensive property that’s ready to go, with good lighting, quality finishes and a low maintenance garden too! 
Fixer Upper
Fixer Upper
On the flip-side, if one partner can possibly work from home and dedicate time to the project, a previously neglected property can be turned into a real gem! One great option if you can’t afford a home with the number of rooms you’d ideally like is to buy a property with a larger yard that you can make an extension into. It’s a really good idea to watch some home design TV shows to give you an idea of what actually goes into renovations before you sign up though!

We hope you’ve found our top five tips helpful! Remember that buying a home is one of those life-defining decisions – take the time to make it wisely! 

The Dependant Persons Unit: Why to Add It In Your Property?

If you are interested in building a dependant persons unit in your property, here is an informative piece of article for you. Homeowners having extra space in their backyard often build a dependent person’s unit in the area. This is often known as granny space.
Dependant Persons Unit
Dependant Persons Unit
  • You may rent out this area to aged people, who are dependent on you to a certain extent.
  •  Due to paucity of space in metropolitan cities and also due to space crunch and increase in nuclear families, there is an occurrence of construction of granny flats or rooms for dependant in many cities.  Generally, this unit is built inside the compound of the house, in the backyard. It may be regarded as a self-contained unit of house located in the same complex of your house.
  • Well, you can make a dependant persons unit customized to the need of the users. These can be flat-packed, transportable, or pre-fabricated. Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding the construction of a separate wall or room unit for people who are dependant.

Here are three ways you can benefit from building a dependant persons unit in your property.

1. A source of revenue
Building a dependant persons unit enables the homeowner to generate a good revenue by renting it out. However, the owner should make sure to maintain the ease and comfort level of the aged. Generally, aged family members do not use these spaces. However, you should adhere to the norms and arrange the necessary infrastructure for them. It is similar to renting out your property, but involves more responsibilities. You must go through the established norms of your state before renting out a dependant persons unit to aged.

2. Boosts home improvements
When you have a space in your compound utilize it for productive purposes, it is wise to build a dependant persons unit in it. Most of the homeowners look forward to improve their dwelling places after a certain period. Besides generating revenue, a dependant persons unit can boost up the home improvement strategies. Well, you may construct this area as per your preferences, with necessary features built in it. In other cases, tailors these areas for the use of a specific person. In both the cases, you increase your assets. Innovative interior designing and architecture can enhance the quality of your property. In many case, for the dependant units, these rooms and flat structures can be customized depending on the budget, the building regulations, and on the quality of home improvement project that is required.
Dependant Persons Unit
Dependant Persons Unit
3. Increases the re-sale value of your home
One of the most important benefits of having a dependant persons unit in your home is that it increases the re-sale value of your property. Investors and buyers are more interested in homes with these units. When you generate revenue from your home, it increases the value of your asset. It is possible to sell off your home faster when you have a granny space in it. The consistent income generation from these spaces appeals to the buyers and investors. In case, you want to sell off the property in future, you can find a customer much faster.

Well, it is wise to make the best use of the space in your home or complex. A dependant persons unit helps you to generate revenue at present, besides increasing its value. If you are confident enough to arrange the desired settings for the aged people, you may integrate a granny space in your home. The older people, dependent on others will find a reliable abode in your home. You too, can reap good benefits by improving your home.

Everything You Need to Know Before Building a Kit Home

Kit homes have become very popular in the recent years because of their stylist design, affordability and energy efficiency level. Most importantly, homeowners can easily participate in their kit homes construction process and these will give them utmost satisfactions. However, before building a kit home, you need to consider several factors like size of the kit home, your favorite room designs, and the location of your kit home. Kit homes are designed on in the warehouses, and all materials are delivered by truck on the construction site. Then technicians assemble these parts and they cut and trim some essential parts of the home to fin on the construction site properly.
Kit Homes
Kit Home

What are the benefits of Kit Homes? 

  • Affordable: Kit homes are affordable than conventional homes and your expenses will depend on your demands. Moreover, the cost of the kit homes is almost one third of a conventional home. You do not need to pay any labor cost, land, and utility cost for these kit homes because the manufacturer will include all of these cost in the kit price. Apart from that, if you learn about the owner builder courses then you can save more because you can do the maximum work by yourself. However, if you do not have any such training then hire some home builders and they will assemble your kit homes within a few days only.
  • Eco-friendly: Kit homes are eco-friendly because the whole construction process is done in the warehouse or offsite. Kit home builders mainly use eco-friendly materials for their construction like, timber, glass, and steel. These manufacturers also install thermal efficiency and insulation properties in your kit homes and they can install the solar panels as per your requirement. Apart from that, you can also install some water recycling systems like low-pressure water shower, duel flush toilets, and rainwater harvesting system in your kit homes.
  • Time saving: Kit homes are mainly designed offsite and the technicians assemble the homes on your land only. The total assembling process takes eight to nine months. A small group of carpenters installs the doors, windows, and roof at the first stage, and then the builders assemble the interior of the home. It can save your whole construction time and you can easily build a new home within a few months. Apart from that, you can easily customize your kit homes as per your needs and you can design your rooms according to your choice.

Things to know before building a kit home:

Kit Homes
Kit Home
You need to discuss with the kit home builders about the construction process and the floor layout of the home. Most of these builders provide you an estimate for your kit homes, which exclude necessary cost like, plumbing materials, electrical, cabinetry, and flooring materials. Therefore, you need to spend more at the end and hire some local contractors to finish the home construction.
  • Your home is your asset and your next generation will live in your home. So, do not compromise with the building materials quality and choose the highest quality building materials for your kit homes.
  • You can customize your home according to your needs. Customization may cost you higher and if you do not have sufficient budget then first do the layout of the home and build the structure of the home. Then afterward, you can complete other parts of your home according to your budget.
  • Always hire licensed and experienced kit homebuilders. Check their online reviews, customer feedback, and insurance papers before hiring.
Thus, these are the essential things to know about the kit homes before building it. You should know about these aspects of kit homes. 

12 Things to Look for When Buying a Home

Purchasing a home is a big step, and not one that should be taken lightly. There is a lot that goes into purchasing a new home and making the decision to start your search is only the first of many that you will make throughout this journey.
Buying Home
Buying Home
With the decision to purchase comes a great deal of things you need to consider as you progress in your search. Beyond the quaint features you want for the house to have – like that open floor kitchen/dining room plan, a fire place in the living room, or an RV pad – there are some general things all home buyers should consider when searching for their perfect home.

Read through this list, provided by home builders in Idaho Falls, to see if you have considered these factors in your search.

1. Good foundation

How old is the home? Is the foundation built well enough to last through your stay there? Will it freeze and expand in the winter? Are there cracks starting already that will cause damage later on? These are all questions to ask the builder when you are looking at the foundation of the home.

2. No leaks in roof

This is another problem you could face in an older home. Ask the realtor or home owner about this. Most people won’t tell you the problems up front, but if you ask the right questions, you can get the truth out.

3. Sign of termites

Look for these three signs of termites in your home search:
  • Discarded wings - usually found near windows and doors.
  • Mud tubes - these pencil-sized tubes can be found where the ground meets your house or near trees.
  • Wood damage - if the floor is sagging or you suspect termites, see if there is a place like an attic or basement where you can examine some of the wood structure. You can also observe the trees or other wood features outside the house.

4. Energy Efficiency

When was the house built? If it’s older, it could be using less efficient energy resources, such as two water heaters instead of one. Get an idea of how much electricity will cost.

5. Utilities

Also, consider all utilities that you will be using. What will the cost be? Do the utilities go through the city or does the home have its own resources, such as propane and a well?

6. Septic/sewer condition

Just because the toilets flush and the sinks turn on, doesn’t necessarily mean that the septic system is working properly. If you don’t get a straight answer when asking about the condition of the septic system, you may want to seek professionals, like these plumbers in Rigby, to inspect it prior to making your decision.

7. What the community offers

Does the community offer what you are looking for – whether that is good schools, recreation centers, beautiful parks, shopping centers, etc.? Make a list of the things that you want in your community before starting your search. This will make the decision easier for homes you are one the fence about.

8. Proximity to schools, work, shopping

Is being close to the schools, your job, or the grocery store important to you? Research the distances and commute time, whether or not your children would need to ride the bus, and consider how often you’ll need to go to the store. 

9. Condition of local infrastructure and its costs

Do some research on the infrastructure and costs associated with it in the area you wish to live. How will construction and costs affect you as a member of that community?

10. Crime rates in the area

Most people don’t want to live in areas with high crime rates, especially if they have children. Is the part of the city you’re looking at known for specific crimes? Do your research to determine if the neighborhood you are looking at is safe.

11. Established neighborhood

Do you want to live in a neighborhood that is already well established, with large trees, lush foliage and no on-going construction? Keep in mind that if you want shade in the summer, it takes years for trees to grow to full size, and if you don’t want to be woken up by construction every morning, moving to a growing neighborhood might not be your cup of tea.

12. Nice neighbors

Beyond a nice-looking neighborhood, you probably want to live near nice neighbors. During your search, don’t be afraid to talk to people if they are out and about. Are they the kind of people you would want to live near, or want your children to live near? This could be a great opportunity to ask other questions you might have about the community as well.

Don’t go into your home search without a list of questions. Know what features you want in your home and which ones you would you be willing to part with or do the work for yourself. 

How to Get the Most Out of Selling a Waterfront Property

Most people think that the waterfront homes sell themselves. A waterfront property is considered a luxury sale, especially if it's located on the ocean. But in reality, coastal homes often face a great competition along with other issues. That's why you should have a strong grasp on how to sell your waterfront property. You must have an ace up the sleeve that will ensure the success of your sale.

Keep reading and find out several tips that lead to a successful sale of Waterfront Property.
Waterfront Property
Waterfront Property

Start from the right price

The price is no doubt one of the biggest factors whether a real estate will sell or not. This is why you need to enter the market with the right price. Many real estate agents and sellers alike commonly make some pricing mistakes. The sale price you put on a waterfront property will make a great difference in the outcome of your selling. Your home is quite likely to sit on the market unsold for many years if you put a too high price. A low price, on the other hand, is surely not what you are looking for.

So, it is important to start from the correct price when you sell a property. Pricing a waterfront real estate requires an extensive experience. There are many factors to take into consideration, including:
  • Location
  • Waterfront size
  • Frontage
  • Amenities
Your best choice is to consult an experienced real estate agent, though. It is also smart to compare your property with other similar properties in your area. There are plenty of websites, such as Ocean Front HHI, you can utilize for this purpose.
Waterfront Property
Waterfront Property

Know as much you can about your waterfront property

You should know everything about your property to be able to make the right price. First of all, you should get accurate square footage of your property. This includes the size of the frontage and waterfront along with other measures. Make sure to include any facility that belongs to the same community. That could be a fitness center or a clubhouse, for example. It's also important to get information about private amenities. Those include a boathouse, private dock, or a beach. Your real estate agent has to add all the local amenities into the feature sheet.

Prepare your waterfront property for sale

Let's say you have collected all the necessary information, advertised your property, and put the sale price. If so, you are all set to sell your waterfront home. But be sure to prepare it before selling. Here's what you need to do:
  • Maximize the visibility of the waterfront. Take the time to trim all the bushes, shrubs, and trees that obstruct the waterfront view. You should also clean the exterior and interior of all the windows.
  • Increase dock accessibility. Besides the accessibility, it would also be good to ensure the dock stability as well. If necessary, you need to repair the dock.
  • Increase curb appeal. Waterfront properties on sale are quite often observed from the water. A waterfront property can turn off a buyer if it looks "jaded" from the water.
  • Shoreline cleanliness. The shoreline in front of your waterfront property must be perfectly clean right before selling. Make sure to clean up the shoreline and correct everything that is worth correcting!
With the proper pricing, marketing, and preparation, you can rest assured that the selling process will be successful. Follow above-mentioned tips and get the most out of your selling!

Some Interesting Tips for Designing a Tiny Granny Flat

Have you ever heard about the term granny flat? Well, these are tiny flats that are used for various purposes. They are constructed in different ways and are known by different names. Some people call them secondary dwellings while some people know them by the name backyard cabins. These flats are at some distance away from the main residential property. Usually, these little homes are used by aged people and so that is why they are known as granny flats. Nowadays, people have excellent 1 bedroom granny flat designs in their minds and they use them to get the best one.
Granny Flat
Granny Flat
Although these homes are tiny, still they are modern and versatile in nature. These homes can be designed in any way, with one or more bedrooms, a complete kitchen, dining area, a bathroom and also a lounge. One can even have a veranda and patio outside the home. Primarily, these flats are designed for a single person or maybe two. They can be fixed to the main home or constructed a little farther based on one’s requirements. If you are planning to construct a granny home with one bedroom, you need to understand certain tips and apply them while building one.

Tips to design a one bedroom granny flat

Let us go through some of the points which can help you designing the best one bedroom granny flat that can  have relaxing time. Have a look at some of the most important designs below.

#1. Facilities: 

You need to first determine the amenities you are looking for in your granny flat. For instance, if you wish to have a laundry, a garden area, a dining space, microwave and a fridge, or anything else then based on these features, you can thing of some brilliant and innovative 1 bedroom granny flat designs.
Granny Flat Design
Granny Flat Design

#2. Size of the rooms inside flat:

It is important to decide about the size of each room. Which room has to be big and which has to be small, this can be based on your personal requirements. For instance, if you wish to have a bed and a TV in the bedroom area, then make it big. You can make the living area only for sitting purpose. There are many drawing applications that are available online which you can use and make a layout of the entire flat. Doing the homework beforehand will help you to get everything you want.

#3. Attractive in look:

Well, after all the internal possibilities are fixed, one needs to be focused on making the granny flat modern and attractive. How can it be done? Well, there are many aspects, well, to give the attractive look to your home you have to give your home a good Textures, themes, proper lighting, and attractive colours etc, and these things will enhance the entire look of the space. Sometimes, light colour shades and adding mirrors to the interior can totally change the look of your home. In addition to this, LED lights are another interesting thing which can uplift the beauty of the space in the most effective manner.

If you wish to experience all the amazing advantages that are associated with a granny flat, you need to begin designing in the most modern way. No more struggling to fit with the family when you can’t. Rather, design your own granny flat and live as you want. This is the sign of privacy and independency for the grandparents of the home. If you find it difficult in designing or building, there are certain companies that help you to build one for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go, get the best 1 bedroom granny flat for yourself!

Learning A Bit More About Debt Domino Effect on Home Loans

At present, due to the ever growing rise of homes, buying a place is equivalent to taking loads of debt on your shoulder. Still, some consumers are quite ready to add that burden to their recent options and even add more debt with their already other credit card debts and more. Such type of situation has been given a name; debt domino effect. Those people, who are willing to refinance or sold their old house and buy another, are likely to increase their current credit card related pending and even on car purchases. Such services are mostly termed to be interrelated.
Debt Domino Effect on Home Loans
Debt Domino Effect on Home Loans

More about this effect

Rather than reeling in their current spending while approaching the biggest financial commitments, consumers are currently charging more on the said credit cards in months, which can lead up to a grave move. Whether you are planning to purchase any kind of furnishing item or going for any renovation, most of the consumers are trying to increase the card spending in the current months, before even trying to move into new residence. These are some of the reasons, behind the hike in interest level of home loan and finally giving rise to debt, and bankruptcy for most of them.

For the new mortgage

Those consumers, who are currently applying for new mortgages are likely to be 2 to 3% more on opening up a new credit card account or auto loan over the time span of next year. This might take place mostly within first month. This study also found out that the new credit card originators were 54% higher for those, who are willing to move into new places, in the month just after procuring a new mortgage. Furthermore, the auto originators are termed to be 84% higher within that same time frame. So, keeping a close call is what you need to keep everything within your set budget plan.

Refinancing is another key

The people, who are currently refinancing the loans, are trying to lower their monthly payment. They are even trying to give themselves a raise, and trying to spend that. They are now working on additional cash flow, as they don’t have any other option left. Meanwhile, some of the near record auto sales have also pushed the current money to nearly $1 trillion, on a national level, for the first time. This news for lenders means there will be vast new borrowers, who are looking for higher demand for some credit cards and even for auto loans, when they are trying to move or refinance.

Now for the home buyers

But when it comes to home buyers accumulating large debt amount over short time can create some devastating consequences to the current credit score. Applying for more amount of loans on heels of mortgage application, can easily create 700+ credit scores, which can drop to more than 100 points. And that’s not good for your credit history. Credit approvals can even come to an end quickly, when the creditors realize that consumer is overextended. For more details, click here for some news.

Hiring the Right Property Management Company for You

When you decide to rent out a unit or even a multi-tenant unit, you are making a business decision. Property rentals require upkeep, compliance with a variety of laws, and ultimately provide a return on a real estate investment. Accordingly, you should focus on your rental business. You should concentrate on the financial aspects of your rental and the acquisition or retention of a rental. The right property management company can help with the rest. When you choose a property management company as a partner, you can focus on the business of your rental, while they focus on the maintenance and upkeep of your rental unit, or units. Before choosing someone to partner with you, make certain that you get acquainted with the know-how needed to pick a good company versus a sub-par company.
Property Management Company
Property Management


It’s always safe to get a business reference from other business people. Typically, individuals who earn a living or have a side business that involves property rentals count on positive reputations. If another business person refers a particular property management company to you, it’s likely that company has performed satisfactorily for the property owner. However, if you don’t learn about a property management company from a contemporary, then you should seek client references from any property management company that you consider engaging in business as a property partner.


You are in the rental business to earn money, not lose it, and so while a good property management company will certainly help you in that regard, you should carefully question a prospective company concerning their fee structure. You want the property management company that you hire to have a vested interest in making sure that your property is always rented out. So, you should choose a company that only takes a commission from actual rent earned, and not a fee on properties that sit vacant without tenants. The percentage that a company will make per unit varies by region, but typically the cost falls in the range of five to ten percent of the actual collected rent.

Who handles repairs?

An important question and one that a lot of property owners forget to ask is about who handles needed repairs. Some property management companies handle everything from snow removal to cutting grass, to fixing anything that needs to get corrected. Other property management companies bring in experts, and they check with you before doing any major work. Your preference will dictate the type of company you want to hire, but it’s good to know up front how repairs will get handled. Many quality property management companies know that they can’t do it all, and usually have working relationships with qualified experts.


Finally, before you partner with a property management company, you should know how they screen potential tenants. A quality property management company is familiar with the local landlord tenant laws. Additionally, most good property management companies check for felonies in a tenant’s background, as well as their credit score. One way to make sure that you earn money on your rental property is to ensure that you lease to responsible tenants.

The right company for you

A property management company can help to maximize your occupancy and minimize your risk. Be thorough and  make sure that you pick the right company to partner with you.

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This guest post contribution is courtesy of Rooftop Real Estate Management, a property management company Boise, ID property owners have come to trust for quality service.

Pre-investment Queries for Residential Properties

How often do you buy a residential property?

Surely not often enough to get accustomed to the trends and process which changes in every cycle, right!

We must understand that the ever increasing demand in real estate sector makes this industry extremely dynamic and it is very difficult to keep yourself updated with everything around it. However, at the same time if we are about to buy a property it becomes important to do a thorough research at our end make sure we don’t make mistakes.
Residential Properties
Residential Properties 
Bangalore being a major IT hub of India is one of the most appealing investments for HNIs, NRIs and other investors and hence has observed real estate grow by huge leaps and bounds in a short span. There are a lot of good projects in Whitefield and other posh localities which have recently developed and are offering homes in all budget brackets. With so many options it becomes easy to get carried away and not take the right decision. Hence, a step by step approach is a better one. Following are some tips for that same:

# What is your budget?

Determining budget is the first and the foremost aspect of buying a property. Until you know how much you can spend, you cannot make a purchase as humungous as buying a house. To answer this you need to check your financial standing and consult your bank passbooks and a CA to understand you disposable income for this project.
Home Budget
Home Budget

# How much loan can you get?

Firstly the amount of loan that a bank or a financial institute can sanction to you depends on your credit history or the equity if you have a previous home loan too. If you have defaulted in paying off your debts, it will show in your financial history which the bank can fetch from their system and this will pose as an obstruction to loan approval. Secondly, if you have a higher income or if you are jointly owning and registering a property with spouse or anyone else, you can get a bigger amount of loan.
Home Loan
Home Loan

# Is the property Compliant?

The developers must have certain certificates to prove that the residential project he is offering complies with all the government set rules and regulations like Conversion order, title deed, building plan and floor plan certified, No objection certificate, occupancy certificate, completion certificate etc. Hire a lawyer to assist you while checking this if you are not proficient enough. For example, if it’s a flats in Whitefield Bangalore from a trusted developer, you can easily verify previous details and reputation of the developer and decide to trust or not.

# Which banks are financing the project?

Check if some reputed banks are approving the loan for this project or not. This should include big names like HDFC, ICICI, SBI, etc. rather than only small financial institutes. This is because if the banks are convinced that the project is compliant then only they give the loan and so if the township you are considering does not have any good bank associated to it means there is some verification and reliability issue.

# What is the total cost of the house?

Even if you have hire a financial consultant, go to the website of a good bank like and use the home loan calculator to check if you can afford a certain amount of loan and determine your budget on your own as well.

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