Buying or selling a house is an interesting adventure for most people. But if you want to enjoy the whole experience to the optimum, then it would be necessary to hire the services of a professional real estate broker who knows the dos and don’ts of the market.
Real Estate Broker
Real Estate Broker
With the availability of many real estate agents out there, it may be extremely difficult to choose the right fit. But working with a tested, trusted and experienced agent can go a long way in ensuring your property is sold at a high rate and/ or you buy at a cheaper rate in the market.

Buying or selling a property is a time-consuming task that involves a lot of steps, but if you meet a real estate broker who is honest, highly experienced and trustworthy, you will see that such a broker will make the entire experience stress-free and smooth. Thus, to get the right broker to work with, here are some tips you will need to know:

Services to expect

Your real estate broker should shortlist properties, especially the ones that match your specifications for your preview. Then you will need to take some time to select the right one for you. Once you have made your selection, the price negotiation will commence between the buyer and seller, until a final price is arrived at.

After this, the buyer will be required to make some financial commitment to the seller. This will motivate the seller to supply some photocopies of the property documents to the buyer. Then, the real estate broker will now direct you to a reputable lawyer that will authenticate the documents.

Please keep in mind that you shouldn’t rely 100% on whatever the seller says about the property because both there is a possibility of deceiving the real estate broker and yourself on some vital information regarding the property. This is why you may have to do your own homework about the authenticity of the property.
Real Estate Property
Real Estate Property
Make necessary inquiries from the office of the sub-registrar of properties in your location and pay some amount of money to the attorney to check the following details about the property:
  • the ownership of the property within the past few decades
  • if the seller is the real owner of the property, and
  • if there is an existing court case surrounding the property
If every document is in the right shape, then the real estate broker will draw up the agreement deal. This will contain vital information such as the selling price, and schedule of payment. If the buyer has paid all the required fees, then the property will be fully registered in the buyer’s name.

The real estate broker should be available at all times, to take care of any glitch that may arise. The primary responsibility of the buyer towards his clients is to make sure they don’t get cheated at any time.

Franchise or independent brokerage

When you want to choose a real estate agent, one of the biggest questions you will have to consider is whether to work for an independent brokerage or a franchise. Some big-name brokerage houses have their offices or outlets around the world- working with them no doubt will open multiple doors of opportunities.
If you prefer to work for a franchise, please don’t forget some franchises exert more authority over their agents more than an independent organization. But, most people love to work with them because they provide quality training and support. Most independent organizations are based locally, and they are made up of small to medium-sized teams.

The key benefit of working with an independent broker is that when you do so, you will have the freedom to do things your way. Such is not possible when you are working with a franchise, because franchises will require you to stick strictly to their stipulated rules and regulations. However, most people subscribe to it because of the great resources and marketing support they offer.
Real Estate Broker
Real Estate Broker
Reputation and market share

Before you choose a real estate broker, please take time to know their reputation and market share. Make sure that the broker you choose has a quality reputation and strong presence in the marketplace. If you find the one with a high market share, it will motivate you to depend on them to give you quality leads.

Company Culture

Before you choose a real estate broker, make out time to study their company culture- how they relate with their partners, employees and other agents. Having a good company culture will make a big difference and will guarantee your ultimate job satisfaction. You need to operate with a broker that is working in a conducive company culture- this will help you to deal effectively with a cultural mismatch.

Training, coaching and mentoring

As a newcomer in the field, you need to have quality access to good training. Going for a real estate licensing school is good, but it is highly limited because it teaches you how to effectively pass the prescribed examinations and obtain your certifications.

It does little or nothing in teaching you how to actually sell properties for a living. Thus, if you want to be a highly sought after real estate broker, then you should submit yourself to real training, coaching and mentoring experiences.

Thus, getting involved with a broker that provides a mentoring or training program is key. If you see a brokerage, please ask them if you can actively take part in their training classes. A professional broker should appreciate this and will be glad to offer you all the training you will need to be proficient in the field. If you see a brokerage that won’t permit you to join their training unless you become part of their brokerage, then know that it might be part of their company culture.

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