Avoiding wastage of water has become an important practice all over the world. Although 70% to 75% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water but humans can use only about three tenths of a percent of this water. This type of usable water is present in groundwater aquifers, streams, and freshwater lakes. Therefore, water wastage should be avoided to overcome paucity and to secure life on the earth. Water Tanks are used for storing water and this water is used for drinking, bathing, washing, fire suppression, irrigation agriculture, agricultural husbandry, chemical engineering, food preparation as well as in paper industry and in many other industries. The water tank installation has specific rules and regulations; therefore, one should contact water tank installation to get adequate information.
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Water Tank
Installation process of the water tank
The domestic water tank installation process is entirely different from the industrial water tank. Some of the simple steps that are followed when installing water tanks for domestic purposes are explained below:
  • The local council or the plumber should be contacted for water tank installation.
  • The right type of water tank should be selected based on tank size, type, pump type, installation options and of course price.
  • Water tank installation should be conducted on an even, firm level surface so that it is capable of holding the heavy tank.
  • The water tank should be installed in such a way that it is able to catch the rainwater.
  • The rooftop, channels and drainpipes in the catchment area should remain hygienic and free from filth, grit or stale water. One can use the accessories such as leaf filters and water diverters which can help the water to remain clean.
  • For water tank installation there should be an inlet pipe for channelizing water to different areas.
  • The energy effective fittings such as a pressure tank can be added to the pump as this helps in saving energy and maximizing the pump’s life.
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Water Tank Installation
Contact professionals for water tank installation
However, in order to get the water tank installed properly, the installers and plumbers should be contacted. After the water tank has been installed, proper maintenance should be taken in order to obtain clean water such as:
  • The roof area and drainpipes should be cleaned thoroughly with the first rain water before directing the water into the tank.
  • The rooftop, channels and drainpipes should remain free from dirt and debris.
  • The entire water from the tank should be completely drained out once a year and if there is any residue, it should be flushed with tap water.
  • The right water filter should be bought to prevent clogging of the filter and to reduce the electricity bill.
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Water Tank
Types of water tanks that are popularly used
There are different tanks which can be availed, when you hire water tank installation:
  • Concrete tanks: These tanks are either delivered on site or are built on site. They can be placed on top or under the ground are quite durable and long lasting.
  • Galvanized Steel tanks: These tanks are coated with a zinc alloy and protect the tanks from corrosion and rust due to continuous contact with water.
  • Poly tanks: These tanks are most commonly used and are very cost effective and durable.
  • Modular tanks: These tanks are made with food grade gum and are resistant to the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays. Thus, they are safe for storing of drinking water and are perfect for modern house hold.
Other than these types, bladder tanks, underground tanks, under deck tanks and round tanks are also quiet popular. Thus, save water by investing in the water tank and call the water tank installation experts.