The essential places of the house that needs end of tenancy cleaning:
Searching for a new house to live is pretty easier than to get a clean and tidy house right after the old tenants just moved out of it. The task of tenancy cleaning is considered as an important factor for house owners or property owners, space owners and for all owners of any property, since it is an essential feature in yielding best satisfaction and right service for consumers. Even furnished houses whether semi-furnished or fully furnished needed to have an End of Tenancy Cleaning.

house removals
House Removals

When someone plans for house removals and in new house they would not be willing to see the trace of previous tenant’s. Anyone just wants to enjoy a sight of fresh and clean house with wonderful surroundings. Property owners can approach a cleaning service, which is reliable and reasonable of cost. This makes the process to be done in a perfect manner so that not to miss even a single spot. In a household essential parts or areas of the house need to be taken extra care to make each trace minimal at least ,if not vanished completely.

Let us see what those areas are:

# Kitchen

Kitchen is used in the maximum part of the day. It has lot of chances and ways to get dirtiest. Many stains can be figured out on floor and walls. For example- Sinks, countertops, and faucets should be polished in a way to be disinfected as well. Important kitchen tools such as micro oven, fridges, oven etc. also cleaned properly. Kitchen cleaning ends only with an impressive cleaning of all shelves, cupboards, wardrobes and drawers. As mentioned above floor, windows and walls should be washed as they get lot of stains during tenancy ships.


# Bathrooms
Cleaning of bathrooms is very essential in the task of the end of tenancy cleaning. It is not just important to have a clean look, but it is a pre-condition to lead a long run healthy life. Toilet seat, showers, bathtubs, wash basin everything needs to be polished well. The floor should be sanitized apart from cleaning surfaces. It is needed to be made before new tenants step in.


# Living room
Being cleaned of a living room has so many works attached to it. Here in this room we have a lot of furniture, articles, sceneries, and mostly used items. For example, picture or photo frames and mirrors. Dusting windows, doors and sofa sets is a very tiring task to be done. Vacuuming the each corner of the room, trying to remove the dust marks and fingerprints on the lamps, lights also has to be done.

Living room
Living Room

# Bedrooms
The most pleasant and beautiful rooms are bedrooms among all the rooms of a house. Therefore, extra care is expected to be taken to clean them such as vacuuming beneath mattresses, dusting wardrobes etc.