People are running for air conditioners in summer. Yes, it gives you soothing afternoon and nights while other are drenching in sweat but when the electricity bill comes at the end of the month, the air conditioner starts biting you. Installing quality ceiling fan can save money and energy more in comparison to air conditioners. Especially, if you plan carefully, you can decrease the usage of the fans and save more. Let’s see how you can still enjoy your summer while running on tight monthly budget-

Adjust the Direction

The modern models have adjustable blades to circulate air according to season. If you get cool air while standing beneath of it, then it is set on ‘summer’ mode, which means the blades will rotate anti-clockwise. If not, then take a ladder and climb up to the base. You’ll find a switch or button there. Adjust it according to your need.

Ceiling Fan
Ceiling Fan

Take Care of Fans

Dust can damage fan blades and other parts of the fan. A dirty fan only costs you enough on monthly bills but doesn’t serve you well. Clean the fan immediately with dusting sprat and soft cloth to get maximum air.

Set Your Home Temperature High in Summer

If you want your ceiling fan to give optimum service, set the room temperature higher than usual in the thermostat. The fan will circulate cooler air throughout the room and will give you a breeze effect.

Don’t Forget to Turn It off

Many of you don’t care about it and thus, energy gets wasted. Always turn it off when leaving the room and make your children practice this good habit.

Buy Fans with Lighting Setting

Why to make lighting arrangement separately if your ceiling fan has the lighting set up in it? There is no point of spending much on electricity bill by installing both. Besides, if your room already is illuminated well, don’t need to buy fans with lighting arrangements.

Ceiling Fan
Ceiling Fan

Buy Fan with Blade Angles Not Less than 12 Degrees

Fan that has blades that are lesser than 12 degree angles will look bigger but that is only wastage of money and energy. Check out the blade angle while buying.

Buy the Right Size Fan

If you don’t buy the appropriate size according to your room, it won’t serve you well. You need to spend money on it and it will use more power to run. So, there is no energy saving on your monthly electric bill.

Make the Budget

If you are planning to buy a fan, make the budget and include the installation cost into it. Obviously, a professional installation service will cost you good amount. Is it possible to do it yourself? The job is no rocket science. You will be provided with a manual while buying it. Follow the steps and mount it on the desired ceiling.

Hopefully, you know now how to save energy with ceiling fan. If you can’t manage ac in this summer, buy fans to have cool air.