Water scarcity is one of the serious issues which we are facing these days. It is a fact that some residential and industrial areas are not blessed with water all throughout the year. This is where, water tanks can be a handy solution for all such areas. They are helpful for storing the water and getting it supplied to even the remotes areas. There are ample options to pick from when you are looking to buy a tank. Depending on the purpose and the capacity of water required, you should look at the alternatives. Right from gardening to firefighting, drinking to flushing, you might need the tanks for different reasons.
Water Tank
Water Tank

Here is how you pick on the right water tanks:


The first thing you need to do is carefully survey is the amount of water you are in need of. Weather it is for a complete building, your private home, industrial company or a small store, you will have to calculate the specific amount of water that is required by you. Always add more amount than the calculated capacity. This will help you reserve water for when you are in acute need of water. When you know the approximate amount of water that you would need, it will help you in determining the right size of the water tanks.

Under or Above:

The next thing you need to decide is whether the tank has to be above the ground or below it. If you are building a new house or any other kind of building is being constructed, you can think of under the ground water tanks. The major advantage is that you will not have to cut down on your yard space which is required to place the water tank.

Above the ground water tanks will come in a lot of variety. Once you decide on the size, you can choose from the numerous options that are available in the market. There are tanks of capacity from 100 liters to 15,000 liters available in the market

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Water Tank


  • Captive Air Tanks: The water in these tanks is reserved in different space and the air is stored in some other. This way the air in the tank is used to pump the water to the different houses or sections in the building.
  • Steel Tanks: The steel water tanks are preferred in majority of the residential and office areas. However, you need to keep in mind that they corrode very easily. They are more prone to leakages and can cause severe damages to the building or structures.
  • Fiberglass Tanks: Fiberglass can be a good alternative amongst all the water tanks. They are light at the same time sturdy also you do not have to worry about rotting and rusting as fiberglass is known to fight off these symptoms. Having said that, it is not a cheap option and you will have to shell out extra bucks as compared to the other options.
  • Concrete Tanks: Concrete tanks are known to have a good lifespan of about 50 years depending on the maintenance. You might find readymade tanks, however, they require machinery to pick it up and place it appropriately. This makes it be an expensive option among the tanks.

When you are in considering installation of the tank, you should perform good background research for you. It is not easy to plan or get the tanks installed. For this, you might have to call in professionals to take a look at the space that is available for you. Professional will study in detail the total amount of water that is needed by the entire structure. The water tank is a long term thing and you will not want to risk it.