If it is your bathroom you want to beautify, you have got innumerable choices and options. Thanks to design innovations and innovative lifestyle solutions that keep surprising us every now and then. From countertop to vanities, from bathtub and shower cubicle design and straight down to the gorgeousness of tiles – everything is important when it comes to enhancing the appeal, beauty and glamour of your bathroom. Folks thinking to give a new look to the face of their bathroom should think of the shower space facility besides all the critical elements.
Glass Shower Screen
Glass Shower Screen
Shower cubicles, of all other essential features, means a lot since you are going to spend a great amount of time relaxing and feeling the water drops as it plunges right on to your body. With water creating therapeutic impact on your mind, you don’t want to think about anything else, do you?  So if you still have not taken such a vital slice of your bathroom into consideration, now is the time. Amongst everything else, shower screens are critical to giving a shape to the cubicle where you take bath.

Why need shower screen?

When someone takes a shower in a cubicle with no glass screen and just a curtain that partially covers the space, there is a huge possibility that you will find the floor soaked wet with soap water. And there is another danger lurching inside your wet bathroom, which is that you are likely to slip if you don’t remain extra careful while entering there. Shower screens in a way protects your shower session and puts border to the space you will use for your spa.

What type of glass screen to choose?

Shower cubicles come with variety of options to choose from. You can pick what kind of features you want in your bathroom. If there is a limited space, small corner unit will be a good idea. If you have a generous space in there, you can even opt for a double shower with a beautiful glass shower screen. Alternatively, if spa shower is your wish, your shower panel will be different depending upon your budget, the size of your bathroom and its decorative arrangement. Some shower screens are transparent while some are opaque with popular designs and patterns. Its height will also very and it will be subject to the suitability of your bathroom dimensions. 
Glass Shower Screen
Glass Shower Screen

The cost of glass screens

Glass shower enclosure can surprise you with varied price structure which depends massively on the kind of structure you are expecting for the screen. The final cost is decided by the several factors like height and width of your shower cubicle, style you desire and quality you expect.

Framed glass structure screens can fit into budget if you pick the standard frame and glass from the local home décor store. Opting for wall folding screen can also give you some rest with money.

What comes last at the end of price spectrum is the frameless, transparent glass shower screens since the glass you need for this kind of work is supposed to be thick, strong and durable. It can also increase the labor cost while getting installed. Custom doors usually matches perfectly to your taste and you must release some good bucks in the process unless you choose to have partial or half glass shower screen.

So what you think of shower screens?

Bathroom is the part of your grand home that often goes ignored and unappreciated. Why to forget what shower can do to your energy and freshness level? Transforming your bathroom into a haven will pay off and compensate all you invested: effort, money and time. Make your bathroom one of the most indispensable piece in your home renovation plan. Consider having glass shower screens installed. Give it a classy outfit and accentuate its style, it is one good room that will not give your pocket as much burden as other design aspects might.