Apart from being in kitchen, bathroom and other washing area the utility items are considered as decorative to beautify the space. Gone are the days when these were considered to be used to steady water flow, the market today is flooded with designs the traditionally classy and contemporary to suit the design of the space they are being installed.

These are the first things you notice while entering the room; it displays the owner’s style and taste. Of course the quality varies with the price, but a careful choice is what makes or breaks the look. They come in different styles and sizes and the correct placement as per the area size is important.

Points to be considered while choosing the right tapware:

  • The correct design: It is essential to take a look around the room where they have to be placed. The design should mix well with the whole design of the area.  In our times the looks are very important and these are equally indispensable is the hold and feel of the taps. They should comfortable and easy to use. 
  • 3 Piece or Mixer: The prices of both are quite similar. The choice of 3-piece provides a more traditional look, while the mixers are modern and contemporary.
  • Functionality: The tapwares are used for a purpose i.e. free flow of water in the basin, tub etc. The size height or the fittings needs to be considered to suit the style and the comfort of the user.
  • Handles: They help in operating the taps. The mixer taps are either single or twin lever. The three-piece tap has either cross handles or lever handles.
  • Style: Minimalistic is the new look. Choice from any type of tapware like modern or colonial should be consistent with the look of the room.
  • Finish: They should be low maintenance long lasting items. The finish is what decides the longevity. Taps designed using chrome satin or nickel etc finish give extremely classy look.
  • Practicality of usage: The flow of water as per the requirement displays the practicality. The water speed and flow should be adjusted as per the requirement. E.g. to fill utensils, water tubs etc requires a higher flow as compared to brushing teeth or washing vegetables.
Selecting the right taps is not as easy as it seems. The laundry, kitchen, bath, shower and vanity etc taps have different requirements. While choosing these sets to match the design of the room can be difficult sometimes. More often people buy taps as a complete set, this saves time but customizing tapware as per the requirement and the design often looks appealing. Example, have different taps for kitchen or bathroom sinks will give a different impression while not giving out of the place look. 

Taps are made using materials like chrome, stainless steel, brass, nickel and gold etc. The choice of material will only enhance the look but it will not really affect the efficiency and performance. These varieties of textures will only provide a glossy gleam and sparkle to the taps. Alternatively brushing those with matte finishes provide a modern feel. There are taps that come with feature like LED lighting along the spout area that changes color as the depending on the water temperature

Tapwares are the style statements. The choice of classy or contemporary depends upon the individual style, but these choices are the statements that can add up to the look of the area. These tapwares come in variety of tastes, fashion and budget to fit in the requirements. Although they seem to be a small part but are a very important utility items. It is essential to take a look at the latest innovations that can fit all requirements from trendy too traditional.