Blinds are an absolute necessity for homes and commercial premises because they not only provide protection to homes but they also impart an aesthetic appearance. Although they are very popular, people do not have enough information on how to extend the longevity even after installing the blinds. You should follow certain tips to maintain the PVC blinds to meet expectations of the users.
PVC Blinds
PVC Blinds

Wet blinds:

  • The blinds should not be wet because water can damage the PVC. It should be cleaned on a regular basis in order to ensure best results.
  • Use dry piece of cloth in order to accomplish the task and ensure optimum functionality of the blind.
  • While handling the product, you should remove straps because they can cause scratches on PVC resulting in long term damages.
  • All that you need to do is follow the maintenance guidelines strictly or else the recurring expenditure would accumulate over a period of time.
  • Protect the versatility of the Clear PVC blinds by removing the dust particles with a cloth piece or use the vacuum cleaner because it can suck up the dirt within a very short time frame.
  • In order to clean the blinds, you will need to sprinkle small amount of water and wipe the liquid with a micro shine cloth.
  • Detergents that are used to clean the PVC should not be abrasive or acidic because it can spoil the fabric.
  • Special cleaners available in the market help to maintain the blinds without any hassles.
  • Manufacturers claim that blinds are wind resistant; however, it is important to roll them if the storm with high velocity winds is approaching.
  • Huge force can cause unexpected damages to the blind and cause long term problems to the homeowners. Moreover, the step would go a long way in protecting the investment.
  • Blinds should be left down as long as possible because it ensures the long term survivability of the PVC.
  • Moreover, if they are vertically spread, one can get a full view of the external environment. Blinds do not only maintain the shape but they also provide window like finish to the overall appearance.
PVC Blinds
PVC Blinds

Ropes and pulleys:

  • Blinds sporting the design of ropes and pulley should be strapped in a proper manner so that they are fixed at the top, once the structure is pulled up.
  • As a result, the weight of the blind is supported in a proper manner with no damages caused.
  • Locking the storm catches is essential because they prevent blinds from rolling up during the thunder storm and blowing of the strong winds.
  • While washing the blinds, you need to ensure that the water is released under pressure to eliminate the dirt and dust accumulated on the PVC.
  • PVC Blinds should be maintained on a regular basis or else you may end up losing an expensive investment.
  • It is important to know how to use the polisher because it plays a stellar role in absorbing the cleaner applied on the PVC blind.
  • As far as the cleaner is concerned, you need to spray it on both the sides of the blind to eliminate the stains and dirt in a comprehensive manner.
  • Afterwards buff the cotton cloth to absorb the impurities. One may not scrub the surface or the dirt might expand from one part to another.
  • Anti static cleaner is important to ensure that the blind doesn’t stick into itself, when it is rolled up.
  • Similarly, when it is rolled down, the whole structure is effortlessly stretched without any problem. Cleaning and polishing of PVC blinds should occur every 6 months.