A shower screen, like all other fittings in the bathroom, can enhance the overall look of the bathroom depending on the type of screens that have been installed. Choosing the screens may seem like a difficult task, because there are plenty of them available in the market. However; one should consider their requirements, preferences as well as the home decor before choosing a shower screen.
Shower Screen
Shower Screen

Shower Screens Can Be of Various Types Such As:

  • Frameless: The frameless shower screen is mostly used because they look much better. Moreover, since then contain less aluminum parts they are very easier to clean. Compared to the other types these screens are considered as more hygienic and are very durable and requires little or no maintenance.
  • Fully Framed: Even though these types of screen are passe, there are people who purchase it in case they are looking for something that are cheaper. Unlike the other types of shower screen; they do not allow water to pass under the door. Apart from these they come in various colors and styles and can last for decade without any replacement.
  • Semi Frameless: These are basically the combination of framed screen and the frameless screen; so, customers who are looking for something that is versatile yet will give an interesting look can opt for these shower screens. These screens are also durable and when installed can give the bathroom a unique look.
All these screens can include features like fixed panels, sliding doors and hinged doors. The panels can be either framed in metal or left frameless. All products can be customized depending on the taste of the customer.
Shower Screen
Shower Screen
In addition to the flexibility in design and safety features, these screens offer the following benefits to a user:
  • Transform the look of bathrooms totally
  • No leakage, drafts or pesky puddles of water appear on the floor
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Keep water and steam enclosed in the shower or tub area

Keep the Below Given Points in Mind When Planning to Choose Shower Screens:

  • The first thing that home owners must consider before selecting a shower screen is the size of their shower and the available space surrounding the enclosure. This is an important consideration since floor space will affect the type of door the shower screen.
  • Another important consideration when finding shower screens is the level of maintenance that users will be able to provide. Clear glass screens are simpler to clean than frosted ones. Frameless shower enclosures are also the best option when it comes to maintenance since there are no small spaces where soap and grime can accumulate.
  • Finally think about the level of privacy that is required. Clear glass offers the least amount of privacy while tinted or frosted ones can provide better privacy.
In case an individual is not able to find the right shower screen that will be suitable for his or her bathroom; then the bespoke shower screens can be custom ordered to meet the need of the client.
Shower screens are easy to. Moreover, an order can be placed on the website for the choice of shower screen and one can get it shipped within a couple of days. Don’t worry – the glass will be handled with utmost precision from the time of customizing your order till it is fixed in your bath. Even better, one can save money and time if he or she seeks the services of a company that supplies the best quality product and employs trained people to install these screens.