It is vital to take care of the air conditioning of your house that may malfunction after a certain period. Not only that, the compressor would stop working or increase the energy bills. There are various methods to increase its efficiency and ensure that the electricity expenditure does not go beyond the budgetary constraints.
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning

Some Points to Improve Efficiency of Air Conditioning System

  • Cleaning Is Important: Debris should be removed from the device as soon as possible and empty the area in the close vicinity. Leaves, bird feathers and trash that block the flow of the air need to be eliminated. There should be no plants located nearby or else they would hamper the working of the compressor.
  • Examine the Air Filter: Each air filter needs to be cleaned regularly so that the impurities are not accumulated. While examining the component, it is vital to remove even the minutest of dust particles or else they might snowball into a major issue.
  • Ventilation: Ventilator fans need to be open properly for sufficient flow of air. Due to persistent usage, the fins bump hamper the normal functioning of the air conditioners. Thus, the air cannot pass in a normal fashion and the temperature of the room continues to rise.
  • Insulation: The duct of the unit needs to be insulated on an emergency basis to increase the energy efficiency. Once it is sealed in fiberglass, the chances of the heat dissipating in the atmosphere decreases exponentially. Foil facing insulation is most effective to bring down the energy cost.
  • Window Sealing: Windows should be sealed properly or else it might let the hot air in and make the conditioner less effective. Professionals need to test if there is a leakage in the sealing duct to improve the performance of the conditioner. In case of a problem, it should be immediately identified and rectified.
  • Remove the Clogged Condensate: It is vital to remove the clogging of the condensate as it can inhibit the capability of the air conditioner to remove humidity from the atmosphere. Moreover, the clogging may lead to water leaks resulting in the wall and floor damages. One of the first symptoms of the clogged condensate is the discoloration of the wall. In order to avoid the problem, make sure that the drains are cleared regularly because water leakage could spoil the wallpaper and the costly paints.
  • Inverter Driven: You should buy the air conditioner that is based on the inverter driven technology as it goes a long way in reducing the electrical expenses of the homeowners. The compressor works until the temperature of the room cools down and once the desire thresh hold is reached, it automatically shuts down, thereby compromising on the energy bills. To be on the safe side, do not switch the thermostat to colder settings because it can increase the expenses without having too much impact on the performance.
  • Replacement: If the older air conditioner is not able to work properly and doesn’t meet the objectives, it is vital to replace the air conditioning system with a new unit. Make sure that it has a 5star rating to denote electrical efficiency. In addition, the presence of noiseless compression could make it an absolute bliss for the users as they can sleep without any disturbance.
Take care of the bent aluminum fins that can block the flow of air. People can also knock then unknowingly resulting in poor performance by AC. You should make sure that it is not situated in places where individuals have easy access to the device.