Bi Fold Doors
The modern homemakers look for the doors that are sleek and stylish in appearance, as well as are space-saving in nature. The bi fold doors fit exactly into their expectations, as these doors mostly have glass panels, which can be folded neatly into stacks, while the main panels can be slid open over the doorways. They are usually mounted on an aluminum or wooden frame, which adds to the efficiency and attraction of the door and are created by the expert designers.
Bio Fold Doors
Bio Fold Doors

Benefits of Installing Bi Fold Doors at The Houses –

  • Energy Efficiency – The are created with airtight seals and single glass panes. Thus, these doors stop the cold or hot air from entering the rooms during the extreme temperatures; while the natural light and air may raise the temperature in winters or make the rooms cooler in summer evenings. Hence, the necessity of running the air conditioners and the room heaters are lessened, leading to the reduced electric bills.
  • Easiness in Installing – They are also available in the ready made folded form, which can be easily slipped into the doorway and installed without much hassle even by the house owners. But the house owner must select the exact size and shape of the door that fits his/her requirement at home.
  • Fashionable Appearance – A bi fold door has an attractive sleek appearance, with fashionable designs of the door that match the interior designs of the rooms. There are designs that can be fitted into a small corner space, using only 90-degree angle; on the contrary, a large door on the whole wall can be installed as well. The glass panes can be colored or colorless, according to the choice of the house owners and the color schemes used in the rooms. These doors make the rooms spacious and increase the overall appearance of the house, which result effectively in increasing the property value of the building.
  • Brings Sunlight and Air into The Rooms – As the panels of these doors are made of glass, plenty of sunlight enters the house and keeps the rooms brightly lit throughout the day. Whenever the doors are kept open, the rooms are flooded with large amounts of fresh air, due to the larger space created in the doorways. Thus, the house occupants can expect to enjoy better health, as these doors open to the full width of the doorways, which gives more space than the other types of doors. The residents can also enjoy the natural views of the outdoors, while sitting inside the rooms.
  • Does Not Need Much Maintenance – This bi fold door is very easy to clean with simple detergent and water, in regular intervals. But any other hard maintenance is never needed for keeping the door in original condition. Thus, it is easier for the homemakers to take care of their doors and the doors keep running smoothly all the while.
  • Gives Better Security to The House – Each bi fold door is made of several locking systems and it is impossible for any unwanted outsider to open these multi-locking systems, placed at several points of this door. Even very strong hinges and bolts are used in the installation of this door, making it totally secure for the residents of the house, guaranteeing their safety all the time. Some doors are also provided with powerful magnetic catches and airtight rubber gaskets.
Thus, these bi fold doors not only beautify the home but also increases its resale value.  So, they should be chosen effectively.