The old adage “One man’s junk is other man’s treasure” (or woman’s,) is as true today as when it was first coined. How many of us put things away, thinking we might need that one day, or perhaps thinking it can be repaired or be reused for something else? However there comes a point where the storage is overwhelming and the maybe-useful-item becomes junk and clutter – in our living space and in our heart. It is time to make a plan to use it, or lose it. If you decide to “lose it”, call your nearest friendly junk removal firm now. If you decide to “use it” below are some creative ideas to kick start your enthusiasm.
Junk Free Christmas
Junk Free Christmas
I know it is often stressful in the buildup before Christmas, but take some time to have a fun day with your children and friends to spend a day making crafts together. That is more in the spirit of sharing and caring than rushing around from shop to shop buying more things no one really needs. Or even take some quiet creative moments for yourself. Create some Christmas decorations to greet friends and family or make gifts by up-cycling items in your storage. Both ways you will be doing the world a favour if you don’t buy more “stuff” that may add to the plastic junk floating around Midway Island in the Pacific killing seabirds by their thousands.

Heirloom Christmas decorations can be fun to make and form center pieces for the family in years to come. I still remember the fairy that my mother made with a red feather dress that decorated the top of our tree for years. I was lucky to grow up in country and my father and I had the annual job of going to select the branch that would be used as our tree. The thought of cutting a whole small tree was never considered.

Real trees are even more problematic nowadays, with the cost of buying them and then getting rid of them unless they are growing pot plants or you have a garden suitable for replanting. There are lots of options to make an imitation tree of all shapes and sizes to fill apartment spaces and small rooms. Xmas trees can be even be made of piles of books with lights draped over the structure. In fact old books can be reused in many ways to make Christmas decorations.

And who hasn’t got a box of old mason jars hiding somewhere for those preserves that you might-one-day-get-around-to-making next autumn? How about making some Christmas themed decorations with mason jars to hold candles or fill with treats and decorate to give as consumable gifts. Cut out silhouettes of a favorite Christmas skyline and fasten it around the outside of the jar with candle inside. There are hundreds of ideas to check out with gift and decorations using jars cluttering up your cupboards.
Diy Christmas
Diy Christmas
Wreaths are a fun way to welcome guests to your door and they don’t require a lot of materials to look attractive. You will probably have a lot of potential material hiding in your junk at home. You could even make a wreath out of wrapped sweets so that guests can help themselves to a treat – the wrappers remain on the wreath so there is no waste and they are there for continuing decoration.

And CDs! Who doesn’t have a pile of these stacked around somewhere? I do. Now that we store so much in clouds, on external hard drives or memory sticks we are left with piles of dubious CDs that are too pretty to throw out – well I think so anyway. I have just found the perfect use for them as Christmas decorations sending rainbows all over the room at Christmas. Or they can be cut into mosaic tiles for decorating items to give as gifts. The trick to cutting them is to soften them first in hot water before cutting and there are a couple of ways of removing the labels if you want to take them a step further before recycling.

So what are you waiting for? Get motivated and head off to your clutter and junk pile to make some fun Christmas decorations and gifts. Sort out as you go and call your closest junk removal man now… or at least make a New Year resolution to make that big clear out in the New Year. And don’t just stick to the small items. Let someone else find new homes for that ugly chair you are hiding in a corner or the chipped desk that your child no longer needs. Both creating and clearing out will do wonders for your home and your soul.