What is Cladding?

Cladding is the process of application of a layer of material over existing structure to control the weather conditions or for aesthetic purposes. The installation of cladding is quite simple and can be easily maintained.

Wall cladding is a great idea for bathrooms of any size and can be constructed according to a well-defined budget. A lot variety of options with different materials are available to achieve the look and finish that is expected from a wall cladding.
Bathroom Wall Cladding
Bathroom Wall Cladding

Materials & Looks for Wall Cladding in Bathrooms:

The following are top ten ideas for wall cladding in bathrooms:
  • Wooden Look – A wooden wall cladding is one of the all-time favorites as it offers a modern and contemporary look to bathrooms. The lovely texture of the wooden material used, along with the bathroom accessories is definitely the royal look that anyone would want.
  • Stone Cladding – Cladding helps to achieve any look that is desired. The Stone Cladding is especially popular, which gives a feel that the bathroom is craved out of a stone in an elegant way. This Stone cladding gives a stripped natural look to the bathroom.
  • Modern with Natural Touch – Thanks to modern developments, the wooden look in the room can be achieved without using actual wood. This just does not match the color of wood but also the grainy effect of wood can be achieved without using real woods. The reason to go with the latter is because, it is easy to clean, water-proof and easy to install.
  • Ocean Theme – A custom made theme of elements such as a glass fish or a bubble of oceans can be combined with a minimalist wood cladded bathroom. It is the contrasting colors of these themes that make it to stand out and this type of cladding can be applied to any type of bathroom.
  • Swedish Style – This theme is the one to choose when you do not have idea of which cladding to proceed with, as Swedish theme never fails to please you. Cleaver cladding can bring any type of themes and looks into reality. With proper color combination, the look of a beach hut can be easily achieved with cladding.
  • Clean and Contemporary – With materials such as timber, cladding can be constructed to be in sync with the construction materials and the accessories in the bathroom, thereby the look of the perfect contemporary and clean cladding is achieved.
  • Mosaic Cladding – This type of wall cladding includes modern mosaics. The advancement in technology enables the production of modern mosaic cladding that has the perfect classy and stunning look. Other designs can be considered to be added with the mosaic, to give a colored or textured element to the plain mosaic in the bathroom.
  • Marble Cladding – This costly wall cladding includes the installation of Marble as the cladding material. The Marble cladding does not require any additional expense to add to its appeal and can offer your bathroom the luxurious and sophisticated look.
  • Patterns – Cladding can be smooth, but if someone prefers extra textures to have a stunning visual impact, then the tiles with patterns offers such type of cladding. There are many colorful mosaics and tile designs with varying patterns to choose from that can match the bathroom accessories creating a lovely appeal.
  • Tongue and Groove Panel Cladding – This type of work is inspired from Victorian Interior design which incorporates a combination of wall cladding and gives rich colors to the bathroom. This type of cladding is cost-effective and adds rich textures to the room.