Security screen doors are quite popular these days. These are doors made from metal and consist of a key-style lock that lets owners leave the front door open although locked securely, and let fresh air circulate in the room. These doors have a perforated metal screen that allows you to see the outside from the inside of the home, and watch the person who has come to visit you. Most high quality security doors are made of wood, steel or aluminum, and they are a one-time investment as you can maintain them in a hassle-free manner, and they are also quite sturdy.  It is important to consider the following things while buying security doors for home.
Security Doors
Security Doors

Door construction material

Security doors should be durable, lightweight and easy to set up, and need to provide your home with an additional layer of protection without taking away from its aesthetics. While steel is known for its strength and durability, it is also heavy. Aluminum, on the other hand, is flexible and light in weight although not as strong as steel. Steel can offer the security and strength to protect your home and its members.

Frame Mounted or Flush Mounted

Frame mounted doors are made with an independent mounting frame constructed out of steel for the most superior quality and security. On the other hand, flush mounted doors do not come with an independent steel mounting frame. These doors are less secure and they cannot prevent many crimes, as experts think, and these doors also have low quality and capacity. Flush mounted security doors seaford are less secure, and tend to shift due to natural and constant settling of the home given that such doors are directly mounted to the door jam. Frame mounted doors are independent steel frame mounted, and are more secure in form.

Paint Coated or Powder Coated Finish

Doors that are steel powder coated are very high quality and durable, as the coating is baked at 400 degrees to ensure greater longevity and better protection. These have a long-term finish. Few security-screen door firms have self-owned powder-coating facilities, which make them outsource this manufacturing stage.
  • There is less scope for quality control, inadequate powder coat thickness, and needless damages during transportation and production delays.
  • You should try to buy doors from companies having their own full-fledged on-site powder coating facility, which ensures the best finish on time.
  • It is recommended that you go for doors with the powder coat 2 – 3 mils in thickness, which ensures strong finish that can outlast wear and tear.
  • Many door manufacturers add a faux finish to the door powder coating, in order to ensure a more special feel and look.
Security Doors
Security Doors

Product Warranty

Find out whether the purchase cost also includes the warranty for the door. Go over the fine print and do not be scared to ask about the purchase details. Many companies offer warranty as an afterthought following the purchase of the products, and it is up to you to find out whether the entire door that you are buying or only parts of it is under warranty. Generally, it is advisable that consumers look for a structural and installation warranty for a lifetime in order to get a good investment, so that the door lasts for a long time.
You have to know who will be in charge of servicing your door in case of any requirement. Maintenance of the security doors are an important factor to keep your home safe. Just like installation of security doors, you have to find out who exactly should be called for door servicing in case of any need. Go for a company that has won awards for its customer service.