In Japanese culture, forest bathing is a typical form of therapy or self-care. Simply being outside is considered a treatment for all kinds of physical, mental, or spiritual ailments. Taking a walk, hiking or just sitting in your garden is considered good for your health. Western culture has not always held the outdoors in such high esteem, but it is important to incorporate some freshness and green into your modern life.
Green Room Garden
Green Room Garden
The best way to get the design, style, and aesthetic of an outdoor space that fits your home is to build a greenhouse garden, sometimes called a green room garden. With a few simple materials, you can exercise your green thumb and restore some health and balance to your life. A greenhouse allows you to grow your favorite flowers, plants, and vegetables all year round, no matter the weather.

2.How to get started

There are many ways to build a greenhouse. If you are semi-handy or just ready for an adventure and challenge, you can easily create a beautiful indoor garden. With just a saw or chainsaw, hammer, nails and some two-by-fours the frame of your greenhouse could be up in a few hours. One great way to make your outdoor space as peaceful as possible is to study up on what a greenhouse needs to be successful and customize the building for your own space and needs. If that is a little out of your league, there are predesigned greenhouse plans that have easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

If you are not comfortable wielding tools that might require a sharpener, there are several different companies that provide prefabricated greenhouses that are easy to assemble. These prefabricated greenhouses are a great place to start if you’re new to greenhouse scene. You can choose the style, size and look you want, and never have to swing a hammer.

The greenhouse community is vast and global. There are thousands of greenhouse gardens all across the world and there is a strong online presence in the greenhouse community. If you had any questions or needed any support there is sure to be an answer online. Building a greenhouse is the perfect project for a habitual DIYer. It is simple, beautiful and adds measurable benefit to your life in the form of fresh food and quality outdoor time all year-round. If you live in a cold and dreary place having quality outdoor time during the winter months can seriously improve you physical and mental health.

Why choose a green room garden?

Green Room Garden
Green Room Garden
A greenhouse structure is a microclimate that is ideal for growing. They create the perfect environment to grow food, plants, and flowers all year round. By economically channeling the sun to warm the inside of the structure, these small buildings are efficient and beautiful. Deciding to become a greenhouse owner can really become a passion, and for many people it does!

There are so many factors to consider when planning your greenhouse. You have to consider the location you plan on building your greenhouse in relation to the sun. You need to take into account the roof slant, the insulation, and the materials you choose to use. Will you use salvaged material or state-of-the-art greenhouse glass? It can become the passion project you need, or you can simply order up a greenhouse to be delivered and start planting—the amount you invest is up to you entirely!

There are endless ways a greenhouse can improve your life. Not only can you have fresh vegetables all year round, but you have the opportunity to grow exotic plants and wildlife. You can extend your gardening hobby for several more months of the year, and you join a community of people worldwide who are passionate about greenhouses.

It might seem like a big commitment at first to build an entire structure in your yard for your garden, but these buildings can actually be quite beautiful. With the right plan in place, your yard can be transformed into an oasis of year round comfort. There are hundreds of different greenhouse designs. With a few simple tools, you could join the ranks of greenhouse gardeners by adding more health and beauty to your life.