The dog bed is the center of your dog’s world… after you, of course! It is their home base, around which toys, their favorite food, and water bowls are kept. Making a dog bed at home yourself is a great way to put everything they love in one place.

A great dog bed makes for a happy dog. Creating one from scratch does more than save you a little money – it lets you design a wonderful resting place that fits your little buddy perfectly. Most DIY dog beds can be made out of old items that would otherwise be thrown out as junk. Not only do you save on the cost of a doggie bed, you also help to create a less wasteful world.

Dog Beds
Dog Beds 

There are two basic parts to the dog bed – the frame and the mattress. Each of these has to be prepared individually.

1. The Frame

The first thing that you have to decide upon is the outer frame. Some of the most unique, attractive and eye-catching doggie beds come from common household items like:
  • An old television set (CRT-type, not flat screen)
  • An upturned table – the legs are perfect for creating a four-poster bed look
  • Old suitcases – almost certainly junk otherwise
  • Picnic baskets – the woven twill is very beautiful
  • Drawers from old desks – if you have multiple furry friends, identical drawers are great
  • Nightstands and end tables – ideal for roofed beds
Depending on the condition of the frame you choose, you might want to leave it as it is or repaint the exterior. If the frame is metal, check for rust. Wooden frames must be cleared of splinters that might harm your pet.

Another thing to watch out for is that your dog’s bed doesn’t damage your carpet or wooden floors. The solution is simple – pick out some simple glue-on rubber feet from any hardware store and attach it to the bottom of the frame.

2. The Mattress

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to the mattress fabric cover. Anything that would suit your furniture can also work for your DIY dog bed. My personal recommendation is to go for material that is easily washable. You know, for those ‘accidents’.

You can go the easy way for the mattress if you have a pillow or cushion that fits well inside the frame. Simply place it inside and you are done!

On the other hand, if you want a more personalized dog bed, there are many options from which to choose. Here is how to create the mattress:
    • The first step is to measure the inside of the frame. It is always better to go for a snug fit by creating a mattress slightly larger. This will prevent it from sliding inside the frame. It also makes it less likely that items and foods go missing between the spaces.
      • Cut out two pieces of your fabric of choice that match the shape of the frame. Place them on top of each other and sew three edges together in what would be inside-out. The fourth edge is where the zipper goes.
      • Make sure you double-stitch and make it sturdy. Restless and playful pets will get loose stitches undone in no time.
      • You might want to have an inner and outer cover for more protection. Add the zipper to the fourth edge. Turn the finished cover the right side out so the stitches are hidden inside.
    • The second step is to choose a filling material. Cotton batting might be popular but it lumps easily and quickly becomes uncomfortable. Good choices are:
      • Poly-Fil – my personal favorite for the evenness, consistency and ease of use
      • Simple foam or Memory foam – memory foam is best for older dogs with arthritis
      • Old clothes – not only is it less wasteful, your dog gets to smell you. Heaven!
      • Cedar chips – smells great and repels bugs and fleas. Most pet stores sell fine cedar chips and shavings
You could also have separate mattresses for summer and winter months. That way, your pet is always comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.

Once the frame and mattress are done, you can add more things like cushions and pillows. This will make your dog’s home their castle, with all the accessories fit for a king or queen!

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