Each corner of the house is equally important and very often people say; “home is where the heart is”. The importance of having a functional and well planned modern kitchen plays a vital role in the house. The contemporary kitchen is the area of maximum activity and to keep accidents at bay, one needs to take care of a lot of things, namely the floor plan, the kitchen flooring, the storage cabinets, and the countertops etc. To have a well-planned kitchen is like a dream comes true for a lot of women.
Modern Kitchen
Modern Kitchen

Look around

Though there are innumerable aspects, let’s focus on the modern kitchen for now. The most important thing is that it should not be slippery. Selecting non-skid flooring for modern kitchens is the right thing to do. There should not be any irregular undulations in the flooring which can otherwise cause accidents. Even the cabinets and the layout should be easy to clean and stain resistant too. These basic requirements need to be fulfilled while choosing the kitchen flooring. 

Understand your needs

All the activity in the modern kitchen is done while standing so it should not be a burden   at one’s feet too. Hard surfaces though might be sturdy but are always not the best bet. One needs to keep in mind the budget and the other needs and requirements before selecting a flooring and installing it.  Make sure the counter height matches with your height.  Go for modern kitchen appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, etc. and space them as per the golden triangle rule.
Modern Kitchen
Modern Kitchen

Evaluate your options

There are numerous options available in the market today and so you need to evaluate them. For the floor Vinyl, bamboo, hardwood, cork, ceramic, porcelain, marble and linoleum are some of the flooring options that are used in kitchens. For the floors, y vinyl, stone, tile, etc. are similar kinds of flooring. Do remember that wood is difficult to manage and of course clean.
Besides this do compare the modern kitchens prices and other requisites. For instance, a modular kitchen is more budget-friendly for a conventional kitchen size. In this reference, if you have a huge or a very small kitchen in odd shapes, then it is the best to avoid going for modular pieces. In such cases, you should stick to getting either customized or even putting together hand-made pieces.


One of the essentials of the modern kitchens is the functionality and there is no denying that you would not really be able to sustain without the same. So how does functionality come into play here?
  • First, make sure that the kitchen is a pleasing space with vibrant use of colors with enough space to move around. Being modern doesn’t mean you will cramp the area with so much that one is not able to move around. Also, set up counters for dining if space permits.
  • The next step is efficiency. As mentioned above, the golden triangle rule comes into play here. For example, your modern kitchens should have the sink, refrigerator and the cooking area at a walkable distance or triangle. So, this means you take fewer steps as you go from the gas to the refrigerator and sink to wash everything. Doing so also means that you can minimize time wastage.
  • Go for base materials that work well for example steel is a good option combined with wood because of less maintenance. You can also go for all the wood but make sure you pick quality driven materials.

And last but not the least, your modern kitchens should be made in a way that you are able to enjoy it as a member of a family.