Timber is one of the most used and traditional product in many ways. Many people are not willing to go with the wooden flooring in initial stages as it is very expensive compared to any other materials. They can add up to the looks of your house from inside and will increase the property value. Floating timber floor is basically a type of laminate sheet which can be installed on your existing floor surface and it is very easy to install. Professionals can measure your floor area and they will install this floating timber floor and paste these laminated timber shades on your floor. You can easily choose different kinds of shades of these floors like white oak, merbau, Tasmanian oak and lots more.

Floating Timber Floors
Floating Timber Floors

What are the advantages of floating timber floors?

  • Long life: Good quality wood last for many years. Where many people replace the carpet due to holes and stains on them, which are not the case in timber flooring. They last very long if maintain them in a proper manner. You can easily clean the floating timber floor and you can easily install this floor within few hours. These floors can provide you best longevity and you can maintain this floor in a normal way.
  • Easy to clean: The wooden floor is also very easy to clean which is not possible with the carpet. You can just clean them using a normal cleaning brush or the vacuum cleaners. You can also polish them over the period of time.
  • Hygienic: The accumulations of dirt and other things can cause many problems in carpets. There are cases where many have reported about the parasites living on the carpet. This can be very harmful to your family especially if you have kids at your house. In a case of the floating timber floors if you clean them regularly.
  • Odor: Over the period of time the carpet can give a foul smell which is very bad at times. It leaves a very bad impression on the guests you have in your house. The wooden floors, when maintained properly, do not give any odor. They have a pleasant wooden smell when they are new.
  • Maintenance: Like you have a very high level of maintenance in the carpets the wooden ones will not give you that. In case your wooden floors have slightly increased in size or looking a bit dull a simple seal and sand will give it a new life. Also, you have an option of getting the wood polished. They also work great in maintaining the heat in your room as they as they are the good medium of under floor heating.
Floating Timber Floors
Floating Timber Floors

Why would you choose the floating timber floor?

They are also available in wide range of colors and different textures. You can select the one which can match with all other wooden furniture you have in your home. You can also customize them according to your need. Many get them printed with the things they like or some kind of theme.
  • With giving a very rich and elegant look to your home the floating timber floors also increases the value of your home. So, in case if you plan to sell your house you can get good sale value because of the wooden flooring.
  • Remember to contact some good companies for installations all other work related to that.  It is very important that they are installed properly.
So now you can renovate your floor by installing the floating timber flooring  and you can find some good texture of these flooring which will suit your home.