Well, only if you are well aware of the strategies, you will know that maintaining your engineered oak flooring is going to be a painless job. However, the most important thing is that it needs to be a part of regular cleaning routine. In order to avoid potential damage, it is always necessary for you to keep the floors free from debris, dirt, spills and everything, as much as you can. There are many chemical floor cleaners that are available in the market, but the durability and the gloss of the wood floor will get destroyed completely, if you use the chemical cleaning agents.

Oak Flooring
Oak Flooring

Working on the cleaning method

Are you willing to work on the present cleaning methods? Just be sure to follow these points proficiently for maintaining the engineered oak flooring work for long.
  • For the first and prime step, you need to keep your engineering flooring clean. Not just clean, but the floor also needs to be swept daily and kept dry.
  • You can always take help of a vacuum cleaner with soft flooring attachment for working deep down the dust areas. On the other hand, you can use a broom with soft bristles too, for some immediate response.
  • Furthermore, you can also use a dry microfiber, which is available in dust mop. This is used for picking up debris and dirt from the same floor.

How to deal with stains and spills that can destroy your floor?

Once you are through with the points mentioned above, there are some other steps for you to follow, while maintaining your engineered oak flooring. While you install the laminated or the hardwood flooring, you can talk with the installation experts who can guide you regarding the cleaning process. If you ever come across spills on wooden hardwood floors, then you must dry it off instantly. Excessive water or any form of liquid can cause irreversible damage to your engineering flooring.
  • You can further try to keep the dirt, pebbles, moisture and sad grain out from the flooring. There are even fragments of glass and debris, which you must keep away from the rugs and mats, at the entrance level.
  • Keeping the mats and rugs clean can help in upper the upper wear layer clean and makes the floor safe. Furthermore, it helps in keeping your floors intact and safe for longer span of time.
  • You should avoid wearing high heeled shoes or shoes with spikes, as those are enough to damage the upper layer of the chosen floor.
  • You are furthermore asked to get rid of harsh detergents; wax based cleaning products and steel wool, for cleaning the hardwood flooring.
Oak Flooring
Oak Flooring

Ways to determine wood floor finish

Want to know more about your engineered oak flooring? For that, you need to follow the steps to retain the shine and the surface gloss of the flooring pattern.
  • You have to run your finger over wooden panels. If you get the grainy texture, then this floor comprises of penetrating finish, followed by wax.
  • You might even have to dab a little paint remover in those areas, which are out of site. In case the finish bubbles up, it has a surface finish.
  • You can place few drops of water to see if the water is not soaked into the wood. If so, then the wooden finish is just perfect.
These are some of the best ways to find out the perfect finish of engineered oak flooring. Moreover, you have to follow the norms, mentioned above, to make this wooden flooring lasts for long, without losing the shine easily.