When it comes to home remodels, there are many things that require a professional… or the homeowner being in the field itself. Then there are some where people can do it themselves to save money… and if they prepare right, they can ensure that they don’t need to call the professional in to fix a mistake.

Here is a basic overlay of how to level a concrete floor that slopes.

Concrete Floor That Slopes

Form a Plan

This may seem like common sense, but one might be surprised how many people just charge ahead and start laying the concrete. Then they wind up with a literal mess on their hands as the concrete leveling compound that is laid later starts following gravity.

Clean the Whole Area

The next thing is to empty the area of any furniture and any debris that is on the floor. There are special cleaners that are needed to scrub the concrete that is already.  Renting a shop-vac is a good idea, since they can pick up a lot more things than a standard vacuum cleaner.

Locate the Uneven Areas

This is the whole purpose of doing this, so doing it right is extremely important. There are a couple of things that one can use:

  • Marbles – It’s OK to lose some marbles here… or at least roll them on the floor. Depending on where they go, it can be easy to figure out where the slope is.
  • Level Bar- This is a popular tool and it can give the user instant feedback.

Grind Down the High Points of the Uneven Areas

The aptly-named concrete grinder is the best tool to do this. Safety equipment is a must for anyone using this. When finished, the area should be level with the rest of the floor.

Prepare and Apply the Concrete Bonding Agent

There are various bonding agents so consult the directions on how to best measure out how much water is needed to dilute it. Next, time to put it on the ground with a nap roller. It’s necessary to do this efficiently, since the agent can dry quickly.

Prepare and Apply The Self-Leveling Compound

This needs to be done while the bonding agent is still sticky. Cover any floor drains. After pouring the compound, smooth it out with a long-handled squeegee and then the level bar.

After that, once the floor is dry, lay any tile. Wait about 16 hours before laying carpet. Then enjoy the level concrete.