It is a party, and you are ready with everything like food, drinks, music and all other accessories and whoosh you are face to face with drain blockage! The blockage throws a spanner into your well-planned party and gives you the last minute worry. Same can happen when you are running late to the office and drain blockage makes sure that you face the wrath of your boss right at the start of the day.
Drain Blockages
Drain Blockages
So, in this article, we will discuss ways to keep the drain blockage at bay and keep at least one stress away from our lives.
  • Run hot water throughout the sink after every time you use it:  The benefit of using hot water is that this hot water prevents the oils in the food products from running down the drain because when oils run down the drain, they build upon the interior surface of the pipes and let everything else go down the drain to stick to it and end up making it sluggish.
  • Baking Soda to rescue!: Some use baking soda in their regular facial routine but apart from giving a good scrub to your skin, baking soda can also be used to keep the drains free from blockages. Not only it keeps drain blockages at bay, but also it is an amazing foul odor absorbing agent. It would not be a Chanel number 5 scent but definitely manageable.
  • Wonder use of Vinegar: Take one cup of vinegar and pour it down the drain. Let it sit for about thirty minutes and follow it with hot water. This is the wonderful use of vinegar. It is perfect not only to control the saltiness in a curry but also it helps to unclog the drain blockage. Since it is an excellent organic solvent, it helps in removing the organic crude build up in the drainage pipes.
  • Vinegar Ice Cubes: We have discussed the use of vinegar in unclogging the drainage blockage but the same vinegar can be used in another form and that is solidified vinegar or in other the vinegar ice cubes. Most of us know that vinegar does not solidify so what to do? Fill half of the ice cube tray with vinegar and top it off with the water. Make sure you inform your family members about it or someone might end up with a mouthful of vinegar ice cubes and you might have to face their wrath. Now turn the disposal on and dump the special vinegar ice cubes strain into the pipe and let the ice do its magic. The ice literally chills and scrapes the adamant grease off its walls.
  • Chemicals – The last resort!: It is usually advised that chemicals should be used when everything else fails. We are pretty much sure that these tips will not fail you in unblocking the drainage blockage but unfortunately, it does not solve your problem then chemical is the solution you have.
The most common chemical is lye. It is the most popular store-bought chemical to solve the drain blockage. It helps in dissolving the hair and soap scum before you can say lye. The only things you have to do is pour this chemical down the drain and chase it with little quantity of water and wait with patience for the chemical to show its wonders!


When it is chemicals, there are always side effects, so excessive use of this chemical is unadvisable. Therefore, please try to use the above-mentioned methods that will solve the drainage blockage issue before you reach chemical.