If you are having problems with your yard being swamped with water come rainy season, then it is time to hire a yard drainage installer. Many people opt for DIY solutions but more often than not it does not work. Proper yard drainage means a better looking yard and it also means that your home will not get harmed due to water seeping into the foundation or the growth of fungi.
Just recently I had a problem with the yard and I had to hire a yard drainage expert. I did the usual search on Google using the keywords ‘Apex landscape drainage’, I stay in Apex NC by the way, if you are wondering why I used the term Apex. Anyway, we got a list of results and from those I was able to hire a good yard drainage company and get the problem resolved. If you are having problems with your yard and if you do not know what to expect from a yard drainage installer, don’t worry, just read on:
Drainage Installers
Drainage Installers


The yard drainage installer will first inspect the yard thoroughly. The person will find out the cause of the problem. Aside from water not draining there are other issues such as plant bed erosion, muddy tracks and ruts, water flooding the basement etc. The yard drainage installer will check everything and get to the root of the problem.
Once the problem has been identified the yard drainage installer will improve the yard drainage. The first thing the installer will do is do the grading. Water does not drain properly when there is no proper slope. With grading the slope can be created and the water can flow away from the house. Even a slight grading can have a great effect on water pooling in the yard. The installer will calculate the proper sloping measurements and do the needful.
You can also expect your yard drainage installer to speak to you about underground piping. Underground piping is actually a very good solution to make the water flow away from the house.  The piping will take the water to the lowest point or to the drainage ditch where water will flow away. This will ensure a dry yard always.
The yard drainage installer will also ask you if you want a retention area in the yard. A retention area means a place which will not allow the water to flood the yard; rather the water will slowly seep back into the yard.
Last but not the least the yard drainage installer will check the water downspouts and ensure that the water from the downspouts enters the water drainage pipes. If the water downspouts are not proper they can flood your basement and also harm the foundation of the home. The water can also flow to the yard and spoil your flower beds etc.
These may seem easy to do but you need a professional yard drainage installer to install all of these and it will surely be worth the investment.