There is a wide range of mattresses available in the market, but when it comes to comfort, most people like to go for foam mattresses. However, as per recent trends yet another type of mattress which has gained enormous popularity is the pocket spring mattress. There is a definite technology used in the manufacturing this mattress. This type of mattress consists of several pocket spring units in which tempered steel coils or springs are specifically located within individual pockets of the sock. Once the insertion of springs is complete, each pocket is fused to one another to form a huge rectangular mattress. Thus, these units filled with the coils play an essential role in the building of pocket spring mattresses.
Pocket Spring Mattress
Pocket Spring Mattress

Exclusive Pocket Spring Feel

Though the pocket spring has parity with the old day innerspring beds, yet it’s technologically different. This mattress type, however, offers extensive independent suspension with each spring in it separate from its neighborhood. Thus the spring tends to last longer compared to other spring technology mattresses. Besides it also offers great freedom from partner disturbances as well, and thus lets you enjoy comfortable sleeping.

Advantages of Using Pocket Spring Mattresses

There are many spring pocket technology mattresses. Among all, the most firm type of mattresses has more than 3500 springs. Because these mattresses are build out of individual springs fit into pockets they offer unparalleled comfort. It offers extensive orthopedic support as well since these lines up in accordance with the perfect contour of the body. Mattresses which cannot fit your body will not be able to offer optimum support and comfort for a sound sleep. Whereas with pocket spring enabled mattresses are known to adjust with your body shape offering high end comfort.
Pocket Spring Mattress
Pocket Spring Mattress
  • Each springs acts individually offering essential right tension. Therefore, sharing the mattress will mean that the mattress will offer support to both the partners and individuals equally.
  • It offers complete body contour support.
  • It essentially avoid roll off effect, which means even if two people of different body weight share the mattress, it will offer individual support eliminating rolling of the low weight person towards the heavy weighed person.
  • These are extremely cost effective mattresses since they last long, also offer extensive comfort and support to entire body.
  • Even beneficial for those who have complains of back ache.
  • These mattresses come with a top layer covering of comfortable and cozy materials like foam, etc.
  • Again these are light weight which means easy to handle.
  • You do not need to turn them around as well.

Facts and Concepts

These mattresses are available in a wide range, soft, firm medium. Therefore, before buying one it is essential to have a trial of minimum 20 to 30 minutes to understand if the mattress is suitable for you. A well designed pocket spring mattress offers optimum level of comfort since the mattress is depressed only where the body weight will be laid, offering a well shaped contour depression.

Manufacturers often boast on the number of springs included in the mattress. However, do not be carried away with the concept that the more spring means better comfort. It’s the design and size of the mattress which allow you to sleep comfortably. Therefore it is rather smart way to try out some minutes of relaxation on the particular mattress you intend to buy. Besides, king size mattresses often have more that 3500 spring counts which offer great firmness as well. You can also discuss your preference for softness, or firmness about mattress to the seller to get the best options.