The use of outdoor screens has been in practice since ages. In the olden days when kings and queens used outdoor spaces for intimate encounters and hangouts, then also there were the uses of such screens. And now in the modern day, when people try to see every such item as both- a decorative idea and utility, such screens still rules as a multi utility decoration idea for outdoors in commercial, residential and public properties.

There are three main purposes you would love to use your screens for. One is to simply add ornamentation, next is to protect the encircled space from external agents and disturbances, and finally to add to some privacy. 
Outdoor Screens
Outdoor Screens

Outdoor Screens for Saving Your Bonfire from Wind

If you are planning to cook or bake outdoors, use a barbecue arrangement, do a poolside party, or some picnic etc, and you need protection from curious passerby, dirt and dust, strong winds etc., then the outdoor screens offer an excellent level of protection and privacy. You may also be interested in lighting a bonfire, and therefore would not want strong winds disturbing the flame. In such cases, Outdoor screens are excellent and would let you light the fire and enjoy in peace.

Outdoor Screens for Privacy

You can get excellent level of privacy using the screens. Screens come in different designs and materials. Some are designed to allow in some air and light flow, while others are designed to block light and view totally or partially. Therefore, if you want privacy outdoor at one side, then you may use a large screen to cover the area. If the screen is opaque, then you would find total privacy. Sometimes, even screens that are designed by laser cuts on timber offer beautiful privacy while obstructing outer people to view inside, and yet giving you decent glimpses of outside.

Screens Again for Decoration

Decoration is also one of the prime reasons to get outdoor screens near your outdoor structures. You may place a screen to create the perfect backdrop for your patio furniture, or for your gazebo. This way, you can create a beautiful effect, and also restrict prying eyes from wandering behind things, where there actually is nothing much to see. You may use screen on your terrace too if you are planning to decorate it with swings and patio furniture etc. Screens have the power to cultivate amazing looks just because they are created with a combination of styles and materials in various ways and tastes. That is why, when you implement screens the right way you can give a space a contemporary or vintage style.

Material Options for Outdoor Screens

Outdoor Screens
Outdoor Screens
Outdoor screens are made in a variety of materials in different prices for all tastes and budgets. You may choose metal screens where you get the choice of steel and aluminum commonly, and they are decorated with laser cuts or kept simple. You may also choose timber screen which may be simple looking, or laser cut or hand crafted. Screen in canvas, jute, bamboo sticks, and canes are also available, and you may use those too.


If you are planning to use outdoor screens, then you must first talk to your designer or to the screen seller. You should tell about your requirements, the place you stay, the weather you face, amount of sun and wind etc. you face, and then get the right recommendations on materials and style. A wrong investment on a cheap material may result in poor life, and again a costly investment on a material which cannot withstand heavy rains can be bad. Calculative and smart investment needs calculation of weather conditions and understanding the true reason for using screens.