Importance of the fireplaces in homes is integral, especially in areas that are prone to regular snowfalls during the chilly winter season. There are so many of them in the market that it is difficult to count and buyers often get confused about the eventual choice. Along with the traditional fireplaces, you also have the modern firebox ones, or the vent-less or the gas fireplaces, which redefine the aesthetic variety of your home.

1. Gas drove and mirrored device:

Mirror style is quite popular among the customers because it can be easily set up right in the middle of the room. What more, a chimney placed at the top ensures that the soot and the gas are emitted externally without polluting the atmosphere of the room. In addition, the architecture is soothing to the eyes and gels well with the overall appearance of the room. Fire glass can be either reflective or non-reflective depending on the requirements and the specifications of the person. One of the most important benefits of the fire glass is that it is beefed properly to prevent the breakage in case of excessive heat. Panes that accompany the material are available in different sizes and shape.

2. Curved stone is the way to go:

Block design is almost like a canvas but the curved stone forming a part of the external appearance imparts a smooth appearance. Created from the roman stone material, the hearth can instantly mix and match with the vintage and contemporary style of the room. In addition, you can also opt for the curvy style fireplace close to the pool to give warmth to your guests, especially during a barbeque session. It looks aesthetically attractive however; you need to synchronize the style of the fireplace with the furniture design. Stone fireplace is popular for its vintage and rustic charm that is unparalleled but demands new construction right inside the wall.
Curved Stone Fireplace
Curved Stone Fireplace

3. Wooden column fireplace:

The whole style comprises of dark wood and glass that provide an amazing option to the users. Due to a different shape, adequate storage of fuel is possible whereas the fire burns brightly. Apart from the subtle style, the design is quite suitable for the family homes. The fireplace is embedded into the white wall and looks good against the durable wooden flooring. One of the prominent aspects of the wooden column style is that the position is elevated, therefore you do not have to deal with bend knees problem. If you are the ardent follower of contemporary style, then get ready to experience the bold aesthetic appeal of the geometric designed fireplaces. Corner placement makes it a center of attraction of the people. Placed near the side of the rocking chair, the fireplace amplifies the style quotient of the sitting room by many notches.

4. Linear design:

The Linear design of the gas-burning place is slowly becoming a regular fixture in the modern house. It has a clean and streamlined appearance with glowing flame enhancing the white color of the walls. The design is unique as it acts as the separation between the sitting room and the patio. During cold winter months, the fireplace can provide warmth over a large surface area to people. Since the linear design has a narrow shape, the heat is dissipated equally to every part of the room.
Fireplace - Linear Design
Fireplace – Linear Design
To make the overall appearance more appealing, lamps and pillows can be added in the background. Moreover, the usage of the steel material makes the fireplaces quite attractive, durable and stylish. It is important to make sure that background is neutral in order to facilitate wonderful contrast with the appearance of the fireplace.