If you are renovating your home or you are planning to build your new home from start, roofing is one of the vital aspects to consider. There are various options available for roofing of your home; the most common ones include concrete, shingles, wood, clay tiles, asphalt, slate and many more. Before choosing the right kind of roofing for your home, it is also necessary to focus on factors, such as cost, installation, materials and others.
Roof Renovation
Roof Renovation
Although there are plenty of options for roofing, each of them has its own set of pros and cons. One needs to think and figure out which option can be the best suitable for the home, considering the related factors in mind. The homeowner should spend time in researching and talking with the professional to understand the advantages and limitations of the roofing style, and then make a final decision.

Types of roofing for homes- explained in brief

Let us have a look at the most popular and commonly used roofing style and some specific details about each of them. It can help you in deciding the perfect one for your home, reach as follows.
  • Concrete tiles: This style of roofing has been in use since centuries. The tiles look elegant and classic and offer a European style. However, if the climate of your area is too cold then concrete can be a bad idea. It is heavy in weight, requires low maintenance, and is really eco friendly in nature. The price one has to pay for this is pretty affordable and concrete lasts for many years, so it can be a great investment.
  • Metal roofing: It is a strong solution and best for homes that have to bear harsh winter climate. The metals are durable in nature, light in weight, and can withstand wind, fire or any other harsh condition. It is a bit expensive in nature and environmentally friendly as well. In addition, metal roofing also looks good in appearance.
  • Asphalt shingles: These are the most commonly used roofing and perfectly fits any style of home. It is reasonably priced and any homeowner can go for it. This works well for years to come as it is highly durable in nature. It is perfectly suitable for sloped roofs. These are also resistant to fire as well as wind, and keep the people inside safe in any condition of weather.
  • Wooden shakes: When installed they look best, but after certain years, they start falling apart with cracks and brittles. They have a short span of life, and require a lot of maintenance. They are made from all natural components and offer natural appearance to the entire house. The cost required for this type of roofing auburn is reasonable; however it is not a good option if you are looking for a durable roofing solution.
  • Clay tiles: These are heavy in weight and very expensive but they stay strong for many years. They require no or very less maintenance and can be suitable for any house. They withstand high winds and any harsh climatic condition and can even save you from fire. If your home has moderate slopes then these can be the most appropriate choice to consider.
  • Slates: If you are looking for a heavy weight option, then you can go for slates. They are high in cost as well, but will protect your house for many years to come. This style is suitable for any kind of house you have.
So, now that you have understood the basic points of most roofing styles, it is your decision to choose one for your home.