It’s natural for property owners to seriously think about elevating the design of their garden. After all, a home is one’s personal getaway and doing some improvements to make it beautiful is only right.

There are many ways professional landscapers can alter the look and feel of a lawn to portray the owner’s personal style. But before you begin, here are four fantastic ways to do it right.

1. Integrate new shapes and lines.

Lawn Shapes and Lines
Lawn Shapes and Lines
Adding straight lines is a tradition for most lawns. But if your customer doesn’t want to be conventional, try adding curves around trees, rock gardens and other decorations for a more casual look. Many of these styles are easy to switch back to the conventional style so your customer doesn’t need to be afraid to try something new.
  • Focal point
    Use gentle curves around the edges of the lawn to draw the eye to a particular feature in the garden. Curves can also direct the attention away from a less appealing view.
  • Center
    Lawns don’t have to be a big boring space. As a landscaper, you can use it as a central access to your customer’s other landscape features. This makes efficient use of the garden space and results in a charming landscape. 
  • Frame
    Just like how a picture frame can heighten the photo inside it, the correct edging will result in a stunning lawn. Plant a boxwood hedge in a zigzag fashion for a dramatic accent.

2. Consider different types of grass.

Types of Grass
Types of Grass
This is a typical suggestion that works wonders in any lawn. This is because there are types of grass which are hardier and more suitable for a certain area’s climate.

As a professional lawn care service provider, it is your responsibility to integrate and use the right types of for your customers.

Types of Grass
The variety of grass you choose should depend on the following:
  • Quality of sod
  • Shade and sun
  • Tolerance to drought
  • Resistance to plant diseases and insects
  • Maintenance and usage
Also, do away with cheap mixtures of seed. Inform your customer that a garden store bargain is not worth it. When it comes to plant seeds, they get what they pay for, so look for ones that are of a good quality.

3. Enhance design elements.

Design and Elements
Design and Elements
As an industry expert, you know that the lawn design should be a picture of harmony and complement all hardscape features. Paying attention to details like the shape and size of the pavers on the roof will make all the difference.
  • Create a corner
    Every lawn needs a spot where the house dwellers can just sit back and relax. Go bold with the landscape design elements by creating a corner that your customer can relax in and have a good view.
  • Add an island
    Breaking up a section of the lawn with a garden bed will make it more interesting. Remember to leave enough space around the island for mowing. Also, keep a distinct line between the lawn and garden bed. 
  • Put some lights
    To bask in a beautiful lawn, it’s only right to put some lights for your customer to also enjoy it during the evening. It’s not only decorative but is also functional since lighting up makes the house safer at night. 
  • Install pathways
    Steps that will lead from the sidewalk towards your customer’s home will give the place a fascinating look. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it’s also a great way to keep people away from other parts of the lawn.

4. Dispense professional advice.

While there are many ways to upgrade a lawn, the fact remains that you, as a landscaper, still have to make it a reality. Keeping abreast with industry developments and new design features are your responsibility so you get to give your best ideas when talking design with your customers. It’s also easier to elevate the look of your customer’s lawn when you’re not limited to your imagination.

As a professional, it is also your job to advise your customers about the importance of lawn maintenance and come up with a landscape design that fits their needs.

Remember to take note of the four ways above to create an immaculate lawn that will make your customers happy. Guarantee good results and make your customer’s dream garden a reality.