Surely, we are all too familiar with high gloss being associated with the geometric, contemporary look in kitchens. Although gloss has been a staple in many homes for years now, a new trend is catching up— matt kitchens are back.

Matt isn’t really new on the scene, but this particular finish has recently been embraced by fashion-forward thinkers thanks to its dramatic appeal in most contemporary homes.

Widely accessible

Widely Accessible
Widely Accessible
The question we should be asking now is, is gloss finish over?

If you asks homeowners these days, they’re still split between the two finishes, with most favouring gloss, while others want to blend both finishes.

Arguably, one significant factor why a matt kitchen finish has exponentially gained popularity is because it is easily accessible for homeowners who wants to get their hands on this particular finish, unlike gloss, which is mostly available in the high-end market.

Another factor contributing to matt’s rising trend is most of these homeowners have had gloss in their kitchen and might be ready for something new, a change. Naturally, matt is the perceived natural step to this seemingly needed change.

Easy to blend

Matt Kitchen Easy to Blend
Matt Kitchen Easy to Blend
Trends come and go, and this has led to some clients combining two or more colours and textures. This in turn creates contrast and definition and also brings interest and variety.

Design is ever-changing. It’s no surprise that this time, it’s moving away from uniform colours. This leads to matt’s rising popularity. It can be easily incorporated in different colour trends.

London kitchens are in fact feeding back matt into popularity. Of course, the States is also catching up to this trend, being highly influenced by picturesque European kitchens. Shades of grey, navy blue and even neutral palette are continually growing in demand.

Doors with a matt finish with these particular hues work well coupled with wood effect or with more vibrant colour options.

For a more cohesive and warmer space, matt lacquers are the way to go. The final look is that of a subtle gloss finish, not completely flat.

Factors to consider

Matt Kitchen
Matt Kitchen
Although matt might be a bit exciting since it is part of the hype in contemporary kitchens, and before you completely abandon the idea of having a glossy finish for your kitchen, you need to take into consideration a number of factors prior to choosing which finish to go for.

One of matt’s biggest advantage of high gloss is that it hides any imperfections on the surface, such as fingerprints, scratches, smudges, among others. The glaring reflections will become a thing of the past, as well.

However, if you have a limited space or there isn’t sufficient light pouring into the kitchen, you might want to reconsider. Matt absorbs light, unlike gloss’ reflective surface. Matt doesn’t enhance or create the feeling of light and space.
A high gloss kitchen finish is used by interior designers or architects to create the illusion of space and reflect light around the room, whereas matt kitchens finish creates more character and depth to the space.

So, what would you choose?


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