Interior lighting is an essential element to consider of your household design. You can set up your home’s environment just by merely positioning the fixtures and the lighting you use. On the other hand, like any other part of interior design, lighting approach needs a careful preparation because you would not want your room to become too dark or too bright.

Light Fixtures
Light Fixtures
On the bright side, there are excellent lighting ideas to provide illumination in your household to minimize shadows and let the light bounce around the room.

Wall Sconces

Sconces are fixtures you can attach to the wall. This particular lighting fixture is sometimes equipped with glass emitters to soften the light it provides as sconces are often set up at around eye level.

In living rooms, sconces usually come in pairs on both sides of the fireplace or over the mantelpiece. Sconces help describe the focal point of the room and offer accent lighting that goes well with the firelight when you need a low lighting setting, such as a dinner gathering.

Ceiling Light Fixtures

To provide a brighter design statement above, test a ceiling-mounted light fixture. Hallways, kitchens, and family rooms still deserve a fancy decorative touch when it comes to illuminating the room. This lighting fixture comes in different designs and styles to blend with the home decors and provide more design effect.



The most standard of a living room lighting fixture. Chandeliers usually have a place in the middle of the room, just right over the central seating area. Merely hanging a chandelier in a room will surely make a statement as the design of the chandelier is simply an eye-catcher.

The multifunctional function of the chandelier provides multiple types of illumination that soften the shadow of the room and make it brighter depends on your selection.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights popular in Black Mango are the small hanging light fixture that captures attention in a room because of their beautiful portion that hangs down near eye level on wire or a long poll.

Pendant lights are common in high-ceilinged rooms like libraries, but they are also excellent for tiny areas or spaces that require direct illumination like your kitchen island. Try hanging a group of pendants, and it will surely create a remarkable design which is similar to the chandelier.

Floor Lamps and Table Lamps

Floor Laps and Table Lamps
Floor Laps and Table Lamps

Portable lighting is a great factor of style in every room. On the floor or a table, these lighting fixtures remarkably accessorize spaces with amusing shapes and colors. Utilize different designs on the lamps to add scale by combining short and tall, same as with bulky and petite.

Fit for Transitional Design

It is a smart blend of modern and classic which is popular today in light fixtures to augment our homes. Lighting fixtures made from basic materials like wrought iron which is an iron alloy with a shallow carbon content harmonize well with many decorations. Chandeliers with curvilinear arms that highlights ornaments blends excellently as well.

Extra Tip:

Do Not Paint It All With White

The most significant misinterpretation about painting a tiny, dark rooms is to paint it with white always. Instead of painting it with pure white, try painting it with neutral colors such as gray or a cream-like color which is an excellent alternative for white.

Choose from colors that have a movement in them to help the light to bounce around the room and not make it dull and the same approach applies for the trim.


Interior lighting design generates a massive impact not only to make our household well-designed but to make it comfortable for the activities as well such as reading, watching television and much more.

Also, you should be meticulous as to where you are going to put the particular lighting fixture in your home to maximize its purpose and to make the accessory noticeable as well.