Even before you get your hands-on venetian plaster or any other rendering options, it is crucial that you learn about the term first in general. In terms of construction services, rendering means a cost of cement mortar or plaster, as applied to the surface. It has been for years that people are rendering houses with exterior coating. Previously, it was only associated with mud coating, but the things have now changed over the past few years. Nowadays, you have the liberty to go through rendered buildings in various colors and styles for adding that oomph factor to it.
Venetian Plaster
Cement Rendering

Reasons for rendering the houses:

The primary reason for house rendering is to add an extra layer of protection to property from various natural elements. For some people, venetian plaster is the best way to work on the decorative aspect of your place. These rendering services can easily brighten up the dull building or can hide some of the poor brick works and joins. It is like adding a new extension to the original building.

Thanks to colors, pattern and special effects, rendering can turn your basic wall into a masterpiece shortly. You can create these patterns, which will change the entire look of your place and make them more attractive. There are some modernized rendering services used for insulating a property, which can further help in reducing fuel amount and keep the place warm.

More on cement rendering:

You can always try out the venetian plaster, which happens to be the most durable options among renders these days. It is obviously stronger than lime render and can also be discussed as the painted or sealed render. This helps in offering additional support to building when applied on it.
  • This particular form of rendering helps in preventing penetration of water or dampness through exterior walls.
  • Using cement render is sturdy and it won’t break off that easily. But avoid using this kind of rendering solution to older homes.
  • This process of venetian plaster is rather famous among homeowners and builders as this is a cost-effective option, when compared to the polymer and lime renders.
  • Furthermore, this process cures very quickly than most of the other rendering options. It is easy to apply and can work just as you have asked for.

Mixture of sand and cement:

You might have heard about venetian plaster quite a lot as this happens to be the most common one among the lot. However, a proper mix of sand and cement will not just help in adding double layer of protection but can further help you to play with colors and designs quite a lot. This is often termed as the traditional form of external rendering, which has been used on properties for ages now. This proper mixture of sand and cement is applied directly to bare bricks and then further troweled flat and smooth.
Cement Rendering
This type of sand and venetian plaster is also termed to be the cheapest option of render and can be easily done with experts help This method is the perfect way to protect your place form harmful elements. The natural color of this mixture is grey, but you have the liberty to paint it afterwards in your favorite colors. This color pigment will brighten up the texture and can be added in application process. Moreover, such examples of sand and cement render is quite easy to repair, and the damages can be caught at their initial stages.
Always get along with the best team to work on your venetian plaster as you are spending money for this service. The more you research the better names you can come across easily.