What better way to beat the sweltering heat than to take a dip in the pool? The first record of a swimming pool is the great bath in Mohenjo-Daro which was built around 5000 years ago. Measuring approximately 12 meters in length, 7 meters in breadth and 2.4 meters in depth, it was used during religious ceremonies. It was believed that if a person took a dip in the pool, he would be absolved of all his sins.
Pool Fence
Fast forward to this day. The Australian coastline is known for its beautiful ocean pools. People from all over the world come to witness this beauty and tranquillity. Nowadays, it is common to see families lounging around their own swimming pools and enjoying the day peacefully.

Why do we need pool fence?

While no one can disagree with the fact that spending time splashing away in the pool is a lot of fun. But then, at the same time, there have been countless reports of pool accidents, particularly, involving young children. Surprisingly, the leading cause of death in kids below five is drowning. Keeping this in mind, the government has introduced some rules and regulations. Though the rules depend on which part of Australia you live in, the basic stipulations are as follows:
  • The pool fence should be 1200 mm high and have a gap, less than 100 mm, between the panels or at the bottom.
  • There should be no scalable objects within 900 mm of the pool fence.
  • The gate should swing away from the pool and have a child safety lock.
  • The gate hinges should close automatically but, should open only when the latch is opened manually.
  • The gap between the latching panel and the gate panel should be less than 10 mm.

Building a pool fence?

Pool Fence
Pool Fence

Once you’re aware of the various rules and regulations to be followed half your job is done. Want to have a pool fence installed but can’t afford the labour? Build it yourself! Building a pool fence is not that tough. All you need is patience and the Internet. So many DIYs are available to guide you through the process step-by-step. The steps are as follows:

  • Measure the surrounding area: Before purchasing the fencing, it is important that you measure the area where you plan to install the pool fence (At least 2 to 3 feet away from the pool edge). You can make use of a garden hose or rope to do the same. Don’t forget to mark the gate opening with a piece of chalk. Purchase the fencing according to the measurements taken. The material can either be of aluminium, wrought iron, treated wood or of steel.
  • Cut sticks: Take one 4-foot long stick and cut it into a piece that is 3-foot long and another piece which is 2.5 inches long. The former will be used to measure the distance between the fence while, the latter will be used to measure the distance between each panel.
  • Mark drilling holes: Use a waterproof marker to do the same. Take help of the pieces cut in step 2.
  • Prepare the drilling machine: Use a cement block so that you don’t damage your deck while drilling holes. Your fencing material will come with few plastic sleeves; you have to make holes of that size.
  • Drill the marked portion: Before drilling, ensure that you are wearing protective eyewear and gloves. Once the holes are made, insert the plastic sleeves. They will hold the fencing poles.
  • Install the gate and pool fence: Begin at the gate and insert the poles into the sleeves. Install the latch and the gate. And voila! you have successfully installed a pool fence.
A pool fence is essential to ensure your family’s safety. So, what are you waiting for? Install your pool fence today!