Changing time has also changed the way new-day houses are constructed. Earlier houses that were just made from wood and bricks are now built using latest architecture. One of such compound is micro cement that has made a very sensational entry into the market of interior designing. Day by day people getting fascinated by micro cement. Now let us know what exactly it is.
Micro Cement
Micro cement is a coating that is based on cement and is applied on wood or tiles, based on the requirement. The coating is done using resin and other additives, making a strong bond. Micro cement is basically used for designing purposes in the interior walls of house, kitchen, drawing room and bathroom. It comes in various designs and colors making it extremely attractive.

Characteristics of Micro Cement

Microcement uses a very different method for application on floor or walls. It has many layers that make it a permanent, water-resistant, easily cleanable material. In the first step, the targeted area is prepared by cleaning it properly. This base is prepared, and two layers of micro base are applied, along with the mesh for the surface. After this, the two layers of micro cement finish are applied. They have the desired color combination to give the final shape and look to the surface.
After the second layer dries, the third and final layer is applied. This is the last step to protect the finish. Here, two layers of primer are applied and when it gets dried up, two layers of water-based sealer are applied to fully protect the microcement finish from external damage. As the final step is executed, the surface is ready and is finally done.

Advantage of Micro Cement

  • Microcement installation doesn’t require any compaction; thus, no heavy machine is required while installing it
  • The floor or wall, wherever it is used, will not shrink; thus, there won’t be any case of cracks or folds
  • It is a decorative covering which can be used in exteriors and interiors, thus making it a perfect for homes
  • It is a decorative as well as the strong and durable cover, thus making it the best for application in houses or anywhere you want to replace it with tiles or marbles
  • The layer of micro cement is of many folds; so it is resistant to water and any other external wear and tear, making it durable and long lasting
  • It costs less in comparison to rich marble fittings, thus giving you a great substitute for marble – given the look it gives
  • With many variations and colors, it makes a perfect home decorative
  • It bonds well with other substances and is strong; thus, not only a decorative but a strong material

Applications of Micro Cement

Micro cement is now becoming quite a fashionable material to be used in houses and offices. The big reason is that it substitutes marble flooring in a great way by saving not only cost but also the time taken in finishing. It is also a good substitute for tiles flooring which has become a norm these days. Therefore, for people who are new in construction, are using it for fashionable methods of decoration. It is used in kitchen, floor, walls, bathroom, offices and other places.