When it comes to planning the interiors, offices need to take a design-first approach rather than focusing solely on maximizing utilization. Most offices are moving towards more innovative and creative workspaces these days to attract the younger, millennial employees who value positive work environments as much as salary packages and other employee benefits.
If you are still struggling to get your office up to level with the trendy new-age workspaces out there, don’t worry, we have got you covered. To start off, we have listed below 10 of the most easy-to-implement changes you can make immediately to your office interiors:

1. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add a pleasant, welcoming ambience to any office space, no matter how large or small it may be. Indoor plants are known to help reduce stress and negativity in the work area and also help in clearing up stale indoor air. And the best part? Indoor plants are cheap and easy to maintain and at the same time, they uplift the look of the interiors.

2. Bean Bags And Quirky Furniture

With a gamut of quirky new furniture brands in the market and ample offers and sales, it’s easy to get a hold of some offbeat unique pieces at pocket-friendly prices. All you need is a few quirky additions to create a cozy corner where employees can get together for office breaks and casual discussions.
Bean Bags for Office Discussion
Bean Bags for Casual Discussion

3. Do Away With Bulky, Expensive Cubicles

It’s time to get rid of those boring, boxy cubicles that not only cut down valuable open space but also are very restrictive structures. Move towards an open-desk layout that encourages interaction and allow more breathing room. If you are looking for some fresh ideas trending this season, you can Find the Best Office Desk: Our Top 30 for 2018 here.

4. Motivational Quotes And Memorabilia

A little bit of encouragement goes a long way in improving productivity and encouraging positivity. Add some motivational posters to your office walls and desks to break the stress caused by tough work situations and difficult bosses. 
Motivational Poster
Motivational Poster

5. A Well-Equipped Snack Bar

Everyone loves food and it can be a real mood changer. Invest a little in a decent coffee machine, a small variety of biscuits, some fruits and juices. And that’s all you need for your employees to feel that they are being well taken care of.

6. A Dedicated Storage Drawer

Give your employees a chance to feel like they truly belong to the place where they work. Along with their desk, give each of them a storage drawer where they can keep all their documents, office stationery, and other valuables without worrying about safety.
Storage Drawer
Storage Drawer

7. Ergonomic Swivel Chairs

Employees spend a lot of time in office working on their chairs. It’s only advisable to invest in sturdy and comfortable ergonomic chairs that support their back and shoulders while they work for long hours. This helps them maintain the right posture and prevents long-term back damage.

8. Well-maintained Washrooms

On an average, an employee spends 8 -10 hours in the office premises on a regular workday. Having a hygienic, well-maintained washroom for men and women that’s stacked with tissues, hand wash, and other essentials at any given time is necessary. These minute details differentiate good and employee-centric workspaces from the regular ones.